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7-string warlord 2011-02-20 11:14

5150 II re-tube issues
Hey guys, I've been looking around for info on this, but it's hard to come by. I just completely replaced all the tubes in my 5150 II. When I finished up and set everything up for playing, my amps was really quiet and my post-gain and pre-gain knobs don't do much to my sound, it won't get louder at all. What do you guys think the problem is? I'm not opening that fool back up until I know for sure. I have a show friday, by the way, so I gotta get this amp going soon

7-string warlord 2011-02-20 11:54

I went through and moved around my pre-amp tubes, turns out the new one I had in the last position wasn't good, because I put one of my old guys in there and my amp came back to far as I know that position is only for the clean channel...which I never use. So all should be good right?

I'm still pretty new to tube amps, I've had my peavey for exactly one year this month.

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