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krisowow 2010-12-09 18:10

Advanced vocal help?
Hey guys, i been doing vox for about a year and a few months, I've nailed highs and basic lows, but i wanna branch out into some sick mids ( think parkway drive, the ghost inside and all those hardcore bands ) and into some deathcore styles

Now people, watch this video of these 2 vocalists.

can anyone tell me where the fuck to start? Like seriously, i'd kill to learn how to do those vocals. :D

wapbamboo 2010-12-10 03:10

I watched that literally two hours before you made this thread. Those two kids are ridiculous. I wish Disfiguring the Goddess's recordings didn't sound like garbage in a car system..

Anyway, I have yet to figure out how they do those vocals. Big Chocolate said he doesn't even know how the hell he does it

krisowow 2010-12-10 15:59

Dude im pretty decent at most vox styles but that is something i've never really seen before save when i listen to oceano but that vocalist is some tank black dude with lungs the size of jupiter. Then i see these 2 17 year old kids doing it without any effort? Man if i could get 40 minutes to talk to bigchocolate i could make him explain it lol. IF ONLY huh? Whitechapel vocalist does a tad but nah those 2 kids are just nuts.

xBendox 2012-03-14 18:50

Believe it or not, your can sound exactly like them just by inhale screaming

ExhumedCarcass 2012-04-29 05:57

Nope. You can sound like a watered down version of them just by inhaling. You'll never have the volume, power or fullness they get by inhaling. I honestly feel things like that are something you are born with. Not every one is born able to scream and some people physically can't be taught. If you can scream experiment until you find something you like and that you can do comfortably. develop yourself that way and in the end you'll sound better then if you are constantly trying to sound like other people. Then just practice your balls off, because this is metal and to be good you need to practice your shit and keep sharp.

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