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massacre 2010-12-08 01:45

Request: Metal tabs for bass

I've been playing bass for about 6 years but I haven't been that active. I've been rather lazy actually. The songs I've been playing is mostly those that we rehearse with the band. I'm currently unemployed so I've started to feel it's time to start playing serious again besides the stuff I play with the band. I'm mainly into Death Metal, but I can play most music in the metal genre just for practice, and of course I'm open to good practice tabs too (both picking and left hand exercises).

I don't know if I'm beginner or intermediate-skilled, but I can say that I've got trouble getting Hammer Smashed Face down right. If you look into some of the songs I've recorded you may get an idea of what I'm capable of.

So, can you give me any ideas on songs that I should look into? (you don't need to link to tabs, but if you do, I prefer guitar pro)

Corpse Devourment:

Torn Apart (disbanded about a year and a half ago):

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