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Paddy 2010-11-30 09:17

The Computer Software & Hardware Thread

~ Free Windows Software ~

I highly recommend Neowin's Freeware Alternative List for a more comprehensive directory of free Windows software.

For Mac users click [here] for a list of free software. For Linux/Unix users click [here].


Anonymity in Web Browsing/Proxy Servers
Borat Proxy [Web Based] | Hide My Ass! [Web Based] | K-Proxy [Web Based] | Tor Project
Torbutton [Firefox add-on] | Vidalia [Tor GUI] | Vtunnel [Web Based] | Zend2 [Web Based]


Avast! Anti-virus | AVG Anti-virus | Avira AntiVir Personal | Comodo Anti-virus/Internet Security
Microsoft Security Essentials | Sophos Anti-rootkit

[ Online Scanners ]

BitDefender Online Scan | ESET Online Scanner | Jotti's Malware Scan [Individual files]
Trend Micro HouseCall | VirusTotal
[Individual files]

Note: Avira AntiVir has a nag screen which pops up every time the program updates. This can be disabled; click here to find out how.


Malwarebytes' Anti-malware | HijackThis | Spybot: Search & Destroy | Spyware Terminator
SpywareBlaster | SUPERAntiSpyware | Windows Defender

Note: HijackThis doesn't rid your system of spyware/malware, it simply publishes information about your system which will help you discover if it's been infected. Quite handy if you plan on asking for advice on tech forums (or here).


Application Launchers & Docks, Start Menu, Taskbar and Desktop Customisation
Classic Shell | Free launch Bar | RocketDock | Stardock Fences


Archivers, Splitters & Repair
7-Zip | ExtractNow | HJSplit | ICE ECC | KGB Archiver | QuickPar


Audio Editing/Recording
Audacity [Lame MP3 Encoder] | Free Audio Recorder


Cobian Backup | DropBox [Online] | MozBackup

Note: MozBackup is a backup tool specifically designed for Mozilla products (Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.).


Codecs & Related Tools
AC3Filter | DivX | ffdshow | GSpot | MediaInfo | XviD


Data Recovery/Undelete
EASEUS Partition Recovery | PC Inspector File Recovery | Recuva | TestDisk


Disc Burning/Creation
Ashampoo Burning Studio Free | CDBurnerXP | DVD Flick | ImgBurn | InfraRecorder | Nero BurnLite


Documents (Word Processing, Conversion, Displaying, Hosting)
AbiWord | Adobe PDF Reader | Calibre | Foxit PDF Reader | Google Docs [Online]
Kindle Previewer | Notepad++ | OpenOffice.Org | PDF to JPG Converter | PrimoPDF


Download Managers
DownThemAll! [Firefox Add-on] | FlashGet | Free Download Manager | Net Transport

Note: Net Transport is no longer freeware, so the version I've linked you to is the last version that was free. This download manager is great for downloading streaming media which use the RTSP protocol.


DVD Shrink


File Host Leechers
CryptLoad | JDownloader | Orbit Downloader

Note: CryptLoad has a feature which reconnects your router so that your IP address will change, thus allowing further downloads. Some anti-virus software flags this component as a virus. It's a false positive, and the component can be deleted without affecting the rest of the software.


File Renamers
1-4a Rename | Batch File Rename | Mp3tag | ReNamer | theRenamer


File Unlockers
FileASSASSIN | Unlocker


Comodo Personal Firewall/Internet Security | Outpost Firewall Free | ZoneAlarm Basic Firewall


FTP Clients
Core FTP Lite | FileZilla | FireFTP [Firefox Add-on]


Hard Disc Defragmentation
Defraggler | MyDefrag [Formerly JKDefrag]


Image Editors/Viewers
GIMP | Irfanview | Paint.NET | Picasa | VSO Image Resizer | XnView


Instant Messaging/IRC
aMSN | ChatZilla [Firefox Add-on] | ICQ | Pidgin | Skype | Trillian
TurboIRC | Windows Live Messenger | Yahoo! Messenger

[ Add-ons & Plug-ins ]

Windows Live Messenger
Messenger Plus! Live | A-Patch | Mess Patch Light [Online]

Messenger Plus! for Skype

Note: Messenger Plus! Live & Messenger Plus! for Skype contain [optional] adware; you can opt out of installing it when you're installing the main program, just keep your eyes peeled for it.


EphPod | iPodExtract | iTunes | Microsoft Zune Software


Mail Fetchers
Eudora | Thunderbird | Windows Live Mail

[ Add-ons and Plug-ins ]

FoxClocks | Lightning | Littlebird | ProfilePassword | ThunderBrowse | WebMail


Media Players
AIMP | GXSCC | foobar2000 | Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
Spider Player | VideoLAN/VLC | Winamp | Windows Media Player

[ Winamp Plug-ins ]

Time Restore | Find File on Disk

Note: GXSCC will playback MIDI files to sound like old 8-bit chip-based audio.


MP3 and Compressed Audio Tools
CDex | Exact Audio Copy (EAC) | Free Audio Converter | MP3Gain | Mp3tag


P2P & UseNet
Alt.Binz | eMule | Soulseek | uTorrent

[ P2P Safety ]

Blocklist Manager | PeerBlock | PeerGuardian


AutoHotKey (AHK) | Dev-C++ | Notepad++ | Octave | Python


Rescue Discs/Live CDs/Boot CDs
AVG Rescue CD | BitDefender Rescue CD | Hiren's BootCD | Knoppix | Ultimate Boot CD


Sandbox/Virtualisation/Virtual Drives
Alcohol 52% | Comodo Sandbox/Internet Security | DAEMON Tools Lite
DVDFab Virtual Drive | Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 | Sandboxie | Virtual CloneDrive | VirtualBox


System/File Cleaners
CCleaner | Driver Sweeper | Nasty File Remover (NFR) | Wise Registry Cleaner


Tablature & Sheet Music
Lilypond | Power Tab Editor | TabOrganizer | TuxGuitar


Time, Task & Resource Management/Calendar
Lightning [Thunderbird Add-on] | Mozilla Sunbird | phpScheduleIt


Update Checkers Update Checker | SUMo


Video Conversion/Editing/Capturing & Related Tools
7capture | Any Video Converter Free | AVI Trimmer | AviSynth Studio | BB FlashBack Express
CamStudio | Convert AVI to MP4 | Debut Video Capture | HandBrake
MediaInfo | MKVtoolnix | VideoLAN Movie Creator (VLMC) | VirtualDub


Web Browsers
ChromePlus | Firefox | Google Chrome | Internet Explorer | K-Meleon | Opera | SeaMonkey

[ Add-ons and Plug-ins ]

Adblock Plus | ChatZilla | Context Search | IETab Plus | Download Statusbar
DownThemAll! | FireFTP | FlashGot | FoxClocks | Greasemonkey [scripts]
Hyperwords | InvisibleHand | Lazarus: Form Recovery | LittleFox | MinimizeToTray revived | NoScript
PimpZilla | Redirect Remover | translator (fixed) | Torbutton [Requires Tor/Vidalia]

Internet Explorer
Adblock IE | IESpell | Inline Search for Internet Explorer


Web Design
BlockNote | KompoZer | Notepad++



~ Helpful Links ~


Anti-virus/Anti-malware Websites & Tools/Guides
AVG Free Malware Removal Tools | Kaspersky Virus Removal Tools | Symantec Response Removal Tools

Note: for online virus scanning check the anti-virus software list at the top of the post.


Device Drivers, BIOS, Chipset Software etc.
ASUStek | ATI/AMD/Radeon | Canon | Dell | Epson
IBM | HP/Hewlett-Packard | Logitech | Microsoft | nVidia/nForce
Realtek | Toshiba


File Hosting Services | | |


General Computing Guides | Doug's Windows Tweaks & Tips | The Elder Geek on Windows XP
Kelly's Korner XP | |


Hardware Guides and Benchmarks
AnandTech | Hardware Canucks | Tom's Hardware


Image Hosting Services [allows/contains adult] | | [allows/contains adult]


Online Software & Hardware Shopping | |


Software & Downloads | alternativeTo | | Edskes File Download Mirror | | Neowin's Freeware Alternative List |


Technical Support Communities |


Paddy 2010-11-30 09:45

If anyone can think of a better way of formatting the top post lemme know. I'm aware that I've completely ignored Mac and Linux users, but I have no experience with these platforms or their software/hardware; anyone who does is more than welcome to contribute. If any of you other munts (see: mod cunts) wanna edit the top post yourselves go for it.

JoeYngVai 2010-11-30 10:00

If I didn't have a Macintosh I'd be jizzing in my pants right now. Which means awesome job, Paddy :beer:

Are a lot of these bi-sexual? Mac and PC?

Paddy 2010-11-30 10:36

Many of them are, but I can't remember which haha. Same goes for Linux (trisexual?). A lot of open source software is compatible with both Windows and Linux, but that's not a general rule.

If nomad would install [table] tags functionality things would be much easier to lay out and annotate (such as adding brief descriptions and compatibility information), plus the top post would be a damn sight easier on the eye! I might email him, but I doubt he'd go to all that hassle - and it is a hassle - for the sake of one thread.

Amadeus 2010-11-30 12:00

Oh, I don't know, I think it's pretty good. A damn sight easier to browse than many lists I've been through on the netz.

Just a couple of quick ones I thought of and didn't see in the list:

Textwrangler - my new favorite tool for html- and php-coding. Like an advanced Notepad; highlighting code, nimble sidebar for when working on several files at once, great overall handling in my opinion.
And what's more, I think there are versions for you non-macies as well.

Filezilla - The FTP client I've landed with. Good functionality, easy to get started with.

PYTHON - Ah, the first programming language that I ever learned. Such memories. A wonderful high level language to work with, and there really isn't anything you can do in C++ or something like that that won't be possible with Python too.

phpScheduleit - A nice software for an online booking system and resource management. I'm using it on a website for my parent's company and so far it's been working swell. However, I've decided that my own contribution to the project will be to fix their Swedish language file.

Anyhows, great idea, this thread!

Paddy 2010-11-30 14:36

Cheers Ammy!

FileZilla is already up there, but I've added your other suggestions. I created two new categories to accommodate them:

Time, Task & Resource Management/Calendar

I also added Mozilla Sunbird which is a calendar application and AutoHotKey, a scripting tool.

AutoHotKey is amazing if you can be bothered to learn how to use it. I can't :D

DameFraMorkum 2010-11-30 18:13

Originally Posted by Paddy
If anyone can think of a better way of formatting the top post lemme know.

Holy Shit it's beautiful. Jesus fuck Paddy, how long did that take you?

Might I contribute Pimpzilla ?

And count me among the mac users, though I'd like to run Wine on it, if anyone knows anything about that,

Amadeus 2010-11-30 22:27

If you have an Intel based mac I believe all you have to do is open up Finder and write Boot camp in the search window. Check out the documentation for it and you'll probably be flying pretty soon, as far as such a metaphor can be applied to anything kernel32-related.

Edit - Always nice to contribute to a good list, Paddy.

Paddy 2010-12-01 01:41

Originally Posted by DameFraMorkum
Holy Shit it's beautiful. Jesus fuck Paddy, how long did that take you?
Long enough for me to meet the dictionary definition of time-haemorrhaging nerd.

Originally Posted by DameFraMorkum
Might I contribute Pimpzilla ?
Added :D I just put it alongside the Firefox add-ons. If you think Firefox themes should have their own sub-category I'll make one, fo' shizzle!

I also added the theme I use, LittleFox.

Originally Posted by DameFraMorkum
And count me among the mac users...
I was thinking of adopting a colour code to differentiate between the PC, Mac and Linux-based platforms so that separate lists of software wouldn't be necessary. For instance:

Windows/PC: Blue
Mac: Orange
Linux: Red

As an example, it might look something like this:

It's not too pretty, so it might just be easier to have it look like this instead:

Windows/PC: [w]
Mac: [m]
Linux: [l]

That way it'd also be easier to denote multi-platform software. Example:

Any other ideas would be appreciated!

EDIT: added a video category [Video Conversion/Editing/Capturing & Related Tools].

JoeYngVai 2010-12-01 06:59

awwww color-coordinating! That's cute. I like it. :love:

+634 to Paddy.

Gomli 2010-12-01 07:39

Gonna show this thread to my bro. He WILL love it. Good idea though

Paddy 2010-12-01 07:49

Fuck, I don't think I can do either of my colouring schemes. The message becomes too big to post. I just spent about an hour adding little Ws, Ms and Ls to everything in vain. BOO-HOO!

I think it will just have to be a Windows software list, for the time being at least. Feel free to discuss other platforms though; I'm only talking about the top post.

Amadeus 2010-12-04 06:04

Two posts?

In any case, not that I know how many here will have have any joy out of it, but it's free and overall a pretty damn impressive piece of software.
An open source counterpart to Matlab, Octave is a high level interactive language primarily intended for numerical calculations.

Paddy 2010-12-05 05:17

Added ;)

For Google users: if you're like me and despise the now mandatory AJAX autocomplete feature which can't be switched off in the search options you can workaround this bullshit by using the following URL:

If you want you can change the to match whatever localisation of the search engine you use. For instance:

And so on.


JoeYngVai 2010-12-05 10:03

Oh is AJAX that auto-search shit? Thank you! I hated that :)

Pr0az 2010-12-06 16:50, Awesome free IDE for C++., Cheap pc parts(?if you live in the states?)., Awesome little browser. Fast too. Has short cut support to load your favorite websites on the fly.

Instant messaging stuff isn't what it use to be. Full of spam now. I signed on Yahoo through Pidgin the other day on my Linux box, my was hell on earth with those bots.

Paddy 2010-12-07 03:50

I added your two software suggestions and a made a new section for Online Software & Hardware Shopping.

I also added Anonymity in Web Browsing/Proxy Servers.

moe_blunts 2010-12-11 06:56

Can someone recommend me a labtop for around $500? At the very least, I want to be able to hook it up to my television, so it needs to have an S-video outlet. Thanks for any recs.

Paddy 2010-12-11 08:18

Does your TV have an HDMI or DVI slot? I'm assuming it doesn't if you're looking for an S-Video laptop, but it's worth checking. It's also worth checking that your TV is actually capable of receiving and outputting video from a laptop/PC. I recently discovered that my HDTV wasn't built with that in mind and I wasted a whole 3 on a cable to connect my laptop to it :( It's tempting to assume that an LCD or a plasma telly can be used as a standard computer monitor, especially if it's HD, but it's not always the case.

S-Video cables only carry video, so you'll need separate analogue cables for the audio unless you plan to just use the laptop as a hub for your speakers or whathaveyou.

Do you have any requirements from a new laptop besides video connectivity? What do you plan to use the laptop for? Gaming, recording music, graphics editing, general computing, etc.? If you've got $500 to spend I'm assuming you'll be doing more than just browsing Twatbook!

moe_blunts 2010-12-11 08:28

I'll be mainly using it for poker and to connect with my television for movies. My tv is oldschool Sharp '27 regular resolution television. What inputs on the television are compatible with the s-video input?

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