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Def 2010-11-25 12:32

Kramer Guitars
Anyone got one?

I have been checking out vintage Kramer guitars lately, to be more specific: the Kramer Nightswan, Kramer Sustainer and Kramer Pacer Customs series.

My Ran guitar was based on a Kramer Stagemaster with the carved top. I think these vintage Kramers are getting harder to find.

For those who are not in the 'know', Kramer made some awesome (American Made) guitars in the 80's. They used a ESP bodies and necks in the early days as well.
Kramer was the only guitar company offering Original Floyd Rose tremolos stock on their production guitars, a competitive advantage of Kramer over other guitar manufacturers of the period.

After that they made guitars in the Czech Republic, Japan, Korea and China.
The last stuff they made there was utter crap, cheap POS sold by Music Yo or something like that...

Then they suddenly went under the radar in the early 90's. Gibson bought them. Right now they have a website up and they sell their guitars again, looking at their classic model they are made in Korea or something with their licenced Floyds.

The original owner, Gary Kramer started his own guitar company in 2005, which is pretty much based on their old succes, American Made guitars in the style of the 80's. I've been looking into those as well but I'de rather find a good vintage one ..

So anyone with some thoughts about this brand?

Gomli 2010-11-25 14:26

I was pretty surprised about their cheap models like the S-211. Pretty clear sound and I`m a little bit in love with their neck profile :love:
If there wouldn`t be Charvel I`d totally wank to some Kramer models

Def 2010-11-25 16:16

Ah yeah, I tried those as well but they had this ubercheap feel to them. Considering the price that shouldn't be much of a surprise though.. The neck profile is based on the old striker model so that does feel pretty good. Kinda like a wizzard I. Their latest offering was much better imho, still not up to par with their 80's stuff but far better then the musicyo crap.. I am keen to get my hands on one of those oldskool kramers. Will report how it compares to my other guitars..

Def 2010-11-25 16:19

Btw gomli, do you know any german kramer distributors near the dutch border?

MetalThrashingMad 2010-11-26 09:27

I bought a Kramer V a few years ago and did a review a few years after that: My guitar was built in 2001 and it is the only Kramer I have ever played. Definitely has a cheap feel to it but it plays pretty well. From what I've heard, I can't imagine it's craftsmanship could contest to that of one of the original Kramers though.

What the fuck happened to harmony central? The interface is shot and it's more difficult to navigate than ever :angry:

Gomli 2010-11-26 17:58

Originally Posted by Def
Btw gomli, do you know any german kramer distributors near the dutch border?

The next one would be straight in the "Ruhrpott" so Duisburg or Gelsenkirchen but this isn`t anywherer near the border. I`M SORREY OKEY?

Edit: Just took a look at their website. Man those Pacers models make me cream my jeans and make my nipples hard because they`re full of joy. I love this old school powerstrats man :love:

psylocke24 2011-03-31 22:11

I am not familiar with Kramer guitar and I just searched for vintage Kramer guitars and it looks great, feels like I wanted to have one too.

[Nocturno_Culto] 2011-10-05 05:33

My first guitar was a Kramer ZX30 from early 90's and i have to say that it was a really good guitar! but the neck was too sloopy because it had the frets varnished! also it had a great sound, typical superstrat with 3 single coils and 2 point tremolo...

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