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L,B'XXX 2010-11-17 18:10

"From Lina's Heart" -poem
Just a little something given to me yesterday -maybe by a muse?

"From Lina's Heart"

It doesn't surprise me that I'd come to mind
When these things you'd see
Pressed in pages for you to find.
The locks of hair, one of walnut hue.
The other pale gray, but strong and true.

A hint of personality from way beyond you
Into my memory-
Was it premonition I knew-
That one many years from now would ponder these lives
As a child in an attic with these close ties?

A Bible my mother read before she was dying
"Remember it"
Her joy in new faith when others denied
Hand written notes that my sister and I
Laced between pages, caught by your eye

Did the poetry that made your little face smile
Come from me
Reading to my son when he was a child?
Snippings from pages of newspapers saved
Spoke to you long after we were in graves

You've read of when your great grandfather's father
Fought in the war
With his many uncles and brothers
Near the great courthouse where it came to an end
And they returned to plow and build again

You've seen the hills where we labored
Played as children
Walked the same road where we traveled
And whispered a prayer on the hill as we did
When our kin went home to God

You've seen the tombstones that we stood by
Not knowing futures
Pondered how we will meet once we all die
Pondering more if generations that follow
Will be as impressed or will history hollow

So, my dear, as you contemplate heirlooms you own
And revive history
Some once were new and hung in my mother's home
Her treasures passed to my son then his little girl
Possessions we handed down for you in your world.


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