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Grindhouse 2010-10-16 16:51

Help with buying a new bass
Ok i want to buy a 5 string bass....before i just had 1 bass so I dont know much what is good and what is not....I want to play death i need the cannibal corpse sound or something like that....and what is better humbuckers or single?passive or active pick ups?...and the prize should be around 660 € but I dont know how much dollars that is...Im thinking maybe for a Peavey grind or cirrus...but you tell me whats good...I also like Spector,Ibanez and Warwick basses

Wolfsherz 2010-10-18 04:51

Around 660 bucks? Then you'll really have to go for CORT or IBANEZ, not a lot out on the market that can compete with those two on that price-level. Scratch that, nothing out on the market that can compete with those two from 500-700.

Try getting your hands on a second hand Ibanez 5-string BTB bass (BTB 505/605/705) or a Cort B6 (or second hand A6). Good bang for the buck, especially for the Corts in my opinion, got sweet pickups and setup, always.

Peavey isn't that good at all.

As for Spectors, they'll be way out of your price range.
Warwicks the same, but they're WAY better than Spectors fuck you spector i have a warwick sukc my diiiiiik

Gomli 2010-10-18 05:51

Originally Posted by Wolfsherz
As for Spectors, they'll be way out of your price range.


Grindhouse 2010-10-18 08:30

not dollars but Euros...that more than dollars...spector legend classic 5 costs 673 euros in my shop and thats within my price some basses in this price range?

Wolfsherz 2010-10-18 08:58

Then you should definately go for the Spectoreventhoughwarwicksarebetter, seems like the best deal.
Do know that Spectors usually come with brutal neckdive so be warned.

Any other models in the store?

Grindhouse 2010-10-18 15:37

hmm.not really not many 5 strings in the shop..just this spector...but still i can buy from internet...where they have usually better this spector legend classic is good?Or is there something better in this prize range?

Wolfsherz 2010-10-18 16:05

Well I'd go for the spector then, even though I hate EMG-pickups but that's a personal thing.

Ibanez's are great mid-range models (even in their +1000 class, they're always "very good" but not great), whereas Spector are good high-range models.

But anyway, test both the Ibanez and the Spector then. Test EVERYTHING in the store, up to the point where it annoys them. Only way to find out which bass is THE bass for you.

BassBehemoth 2010-10-26 23:38

Warwick owners..pfffffft!

I own a Spector Rebop DLX EX and really enjoy it. It sounds great and feels great. I can agree though with wolf's neck-dive comment. I had it professionally set-up when I bought it, still had lots of fret buzz, so I set it up myself and the action had to be quite high to accommodate my playing style(aggressive lolz).

oddball 2011-05-26 17:50

I got a mid range Ibanez Sr405qm wich I love, for me it's the neck its thin and fast 5 peice neck that rocks , and I can get a ton of tone out of it. :behead:

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