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arvina 2010-10-09 17:21

Bruno Cowtipper for sale
Hey I know this isn't a metal amp but it seriously has the best tone I've ever heard and I gotta sell it because of a moeny crunch. Seems like the forums arn't what they used to be but either way this is my baby for sale 1900 obo

The Bruno Cow Tipper Pro II 22 (aka Underground 22) is the sweetest sounding amp you'll ever hear. Reminiscent of the classic American Blackface amps, the tone far surpasses even that famous design. This amp is smooth, warm and clean (just try to picture that contradiction in amp design) with a supremely linear gain structure. It is very touch sensitive with superb note articulation and silky sweet clean tones that grow into a rich harmonic crunch as you dial up the volume. The Cow Tipper Pro II 22 has incredible harmonic complexity with a rich spacious 2 knob reverb system that really enhances the gorgeous tone.

The Cow Tipper Pro II 22 features 22 watts of sweet dual 6V6 power, 2 - 12AX7s, 2 - 12AT7s, and a GZ34 rectifier. The cabinet is constructed of solid pine for its sweet brightness and then fine tuned with a birch ply baffle for superb resonance. Finger-jointed construction is used just like the finest furniture which provides a very strong, extremely rigid, rattle free cabinet that will last a lifetime. Other features include premium tolex coverings, padded handles, heavy duty feet, stainless steel screws/bolts and chromed steel corners. Standard finishes are black, brown, dark green, red or cream with an Art Deco style control panel and aged Ivory "chicken head" knobs.

I got pictures if anyones interested

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