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Lord_Seth 2010-07-27 10:01

Hello everybody i got a question about my tabs...
Paddy and metalthrashingmad i got a question about two tabs i uploaded a few years ago under another nickname and actually both tabs are still online anyway there is no nickname next to em so i wonder if they can appear under my new nickname the one i'm using to upload tabs now


Paddy 2010-07-27 10:29

Unfortunately moderators aren't able to attribute tabs to specific users, but nomad (the administrator) can. I'll email him and let him know. To make things easier can you provide links to the tabs you want to have attributed to your current username?


Lord_Seth 2010-07-29 16:03

Sure Bro this are the tabs:
Sure Amigo
this links to the tabs I made are as follows:

both are from katatonia

thank you

Paddy 2010-07-29 17:04

I've emailed nomad, hopefully this will be sorted soon ;)

Cheers man.

Lord_Seth 2010-07-29 20:21

Thank you paddy hope to get back those tabs


Paddy 2010-07-29 20:43

No es problema mi hombre! Hay un burro en mis pelotas, y mi abuela tiene muchas monos en su coņo.

Mi Espaņol no es muy bueno, pero mi puta es va a come el caseoso de mis pelotas con su boca.


Lord_Seth 2010-07-29 22:22

jajaja que cagado (so funny) you should come to mexico maybe Cabo in Baja or Acapulco or maybe TJ so you can learn more funny things in Mexicano not spanish cause in mexico we speak little different Lol :beer:

Paddy 2010-07-31 08:26

I was in Mexico City in 2002, but I had to depend on my Mexican friends to translate for me haha. I've been trying to learn Spanish ever since and I still don't know shit!

I see you're on the Top Tabber list - keep those tabs coming! ;)

Lord_Seth 2010-07-31 14:20

Yeah I'll try to transcribe more hope work let me do so

Paddy 2010-08-20 08:44

Seth, nomad emailed me just now to confirm that your tabs are now attributed to your account. Sorry it took so long!

Lord_Seth 2010-10-22 03:52

Thank you paddy I need to edit em anyway I've improved my transcriber skill so maybe there are some mistakes that I didn't noticed in the past

and thanks to Nomad too

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