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Amadeus 2010-07-21 08:00

I'm not nearly as newbie in electronics as I will seem in this post, but I will ask in this fashion because I'm real sissy when it comes to my musical equipment.

The connection between my amp and the internal loudspeaker is a simple jack, so in theory it wouldn't be a problem to hook the amp directly into my PA. I'm just wondering, what values do I need to check in the manuals to be sure that nothing horribly electric will happen when turning the power on?
For example, I have a
(The Blue 100W combo)
(PBM 8.250MkII)

So yea, just pretend I'm a complete ignoramus and take it from there!

Dyldo 2010-07-21 13:41

As long as you obey Ohms law, you should be okay. However, I haven't dealt with equipment in years so don't obey my law about laws.

the_bleeding 2010-07-22 18:01


They use line level inputs. If you plug your amp's speaker out into the mixer, you'll destroy both.

If your amp has a line out, use that, and remmeber to have your amp plugged into a speaker as well.

Just... look at the user manual.

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