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Dyldo 2010-07-19 17:51

Summer Slaughter 2010
* Decapitated
* The Faceless
* All Shall Perish
* The Red Chord
* Veil Of Maya
* Cephalic Carnage
* Decrepit Birth
* Carnifex
* Animals As Leaders
* Vital Remains

I just caught the show last night in L.A. and had a lot of fun. It was actually the first Metal show I'd been to in 4 or 5 months (maybe more.. whenever Dethklok played). Animals As Leaders were pretty fucking rad, too, so if you happen to catch this tour make sure you get there a little early to see them.

Unfortunately, but expectantly, Cephalic Carnage played only newer stuff/Xenoshitian material. They did close with Kill For Weed and Lucid Interval though, so that made me happy. I missed most of The Red Chord, but they're always awesome live and Gun is a nut-job. Decapitated were great and I've been waiting to see them since 05 so it was a good experience to finally catch them. Mostly newer stuff, but there were some older stuff. They ended, naturally, with Spheres of Madness. My holy shrimp-tailed Satan was that pit experience insanity.

7-string warlord 2010-07-22 19:30

I was totally going to the dallas date tomorrow, but now I can't. I wanna see how bad vital remains is live.

drawn&quartered 2010-07-29 18:55

I will probably be going to this. Haven't been to a "real" show since...Pillage the Village tour I think.

Dystopia 2010-08-10 19:50

I have school that day... at fucking 6. The show starts at 3. I'll be 21 next month. Here's my plan:

1) Go to ticket booth, bitch about buying a ticket at "Day-of" cost, then tell them I want to go in, and come out, and then go back in later. They usually are really cranky about that. Something about anyone under 21 going outside and gettin' into trouble!

2) Go to school, take quiz, take homework, LEAVE.

3) Hopefully get back by 8 or fuckin 9.

Gomli 2010-08-11 03:54

Playing truant is no option for you?

Dystopia 2010-08-14 01:59

Oh, could have been. But I have straight A's and perfect attendance to maintain, and employers like when you have 'proof' (too lazy to d0 italics) that you show up on time regularly... but guess what?

I got there, looked at the set list, they wouldn't let me go in and come out just to attend class for an hour and such, and I was very angry. I ended up driving back to my school, signing the roster sheet, then leaving back to the concert. I missed the 2 bands I actually gave a shit about (Cephalic and Decrepit) and Decapitation is good, but the dude KINDA had a 'hXc' voice, just a fraction of it.

I got back right after Cephalic's set, and the band after was an emo band, er I mean hardcore... Something like, Veil Mayo... or something. I skipped that.

Redchord, kinda wanted to go in, but had that ol' cigarette anxiety. Finally All Shall Perish was turned on the stage, and I knew I belonged outside, smoking.

Faceless and Decapitation were last. I went in to see Faceless and immediately after there set I found out kids were smokin' upstairs anyway. Gosh I wish I played it slightly different, but I still hate that fucking pathetic excuse for a state law (if you are clueless: Under 21 no re-entry, no exceptions. I had an exception damn it.

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