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CuddlyScamp 2010-06-15 04:35

Windows 7 & recording software
Hi, can anyone recommend a recording DAW for Windows 7 64bit?.
I used to use Cakewalks Guitar tracks pro 3 but it wont work on my new OS. It has to have real time vst ability, as I use Revalver III for my guitar sounds.
And all the other other software I have must be too old because they don't work either. Any help would make me very happy. LOL :beer:

the_bleeding 2010-06-15 17:06

main problem with recording programs and new windows is that the recording programmers SUCK at OS integration. So while the OS will be fine, the DAW people will wait forever before they get off their asses and update their software to work with new shit.

Its enraging.

BUT, you can try installing it, letting it fail, and then have windows install using recommended settings. If it still doesnt work, run it in compatibility mode and see what happens.

Dyldo 2010-06-15 17:20

Good lord is Bleeding right.. I hate that shit. Its also the same situation with hardware, too.

Anyway, I would definitely use Cubase 5. It's awesome and runs fine on W7 64-bit, which I also use.

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