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Amadeus 2010-05-10 10:29

Black feathered companion
It flies on the wings of a raven
Black feathered companion
A caw from a branch
Wings by feet, my black feathered companion
On through the forest

A glint of the drops on a leaf
Pick but one at a time
Trail and backtrack, fragrant wreath
The material and the sublime

Black feathers, bitter voice
Up through the canopy
Ruffle up in the rain, windswept treetop, poise
Silence, survey
Maybe the greatest of all aspirations
Regardless of whether your wings
Will carry you up there tomorrow
Hoping tomorrow will be a better day

Skim the footsteps in a darker glen
Black feathered companion
As it turned out and until when
The woodcutter's axe is in the stump

Return the childhood days?
Consider, on the walk...
Black feathers, bitter voice
If I had wings I'd try to fly too

L,B'XXX 2010-05-10 17:10

They have such personalities and are so darn smart! Good character study.
I'm puzzled by the wreath. Is that representing a circular pattern or is it something more?

Amadeus 2010-05-11 15:37

Thanks; this is one that I've been chipping away at for some time.

Well, what I did here is that the same lyrics describe both the actual walk, and the little guy who kept station with me, as well as what I was musing about at the time. Okay, this gets convoluted, but hey, that's the whole reason for putting it in words like this!
When picking leaves for a wreath you have to be careful, you don't have much choice but to pick them one at a time from the twig. Same thing, in a way, with humans, we all live only one life and that's it. But add together, let one lifetime connect with another, and another, and another - such as the scientific adventure, or the development of music. And all aspects of everything has a place when you want to understand it - the fragrant wreath of understanding can only be made complete with both the material and sublime. Not clawing each other's eyes out, but complementing.

L,B'XXX 2010-05-11 17:37

I never thought of wreath making in that way so that was novel, but a very interesting observation on your part.

Amadeus 2010-05-12 06:52

Haha, thanks, always fun when you can put something new on the table. This really is kinda the background that I started scribbling a little like this; I tend to connect and cross-connect so many disparate impressions and associations that you can almost hear the tortured clankings of mental gears when someone introduces the small but significant piece of gravel known as "What're you thinking about?"
Gives a bit of an impetus to find a mental image as a form of summary. Anyhow.

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