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Jase2677 2010-04-14 17:01

Amps with Metallic distortion............
I posted this elsewhere;

What are some amps (tube or solid state) that have a metallic quality to their distortion. For example, a regular clean sound is like a piano and a metallic clean sound is more like a harpsichord, but it doesn't have to be as severe off a metallic quality as the harpsichord. But, I'm not talking about the clean channel, it's just for the example.

the_bleeding 2010-04-15 15:50

maybe you should look at the ampeg ss-140, or vh-140c (same thing almost - sound slike Suffocation Thrones of Blood). Crate Gx-130c (sounds like Cannibal Corpse the Bleeding).
5150 - carcass, old arch enemy....
mesa stillettos?
H&K Triamp

i dunno. go play stuff.

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