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Dystopia 2009-12-02 04:31

So, I really want a new electric drumset (I have one, but it is shit).

I kind of need one that has a more realistic "feel."

I really was drooling all over the $7000 Roland Set , but... screw that. $234 bucks a month is all it would take.... *greedy thoughts* 'too hundreed bux a munt? HAH! get it! its a roland, U needz it!!' *end thoughts*

So the next best thing that would have good sound, right amount of lag, and basically yeah realistic sound/feel wise and durable. I hate the shitty ones that break easily.

Obviously, I'm not made of money, but there are a lot of Christmas sales. Have any of you played/owned/hauled the ones they sell for around a grand a piece? They sorta look alright.

Simons for $1000

Yamaha $1300

Roland $1400

The one I have now I have broken several pieces, most simply by tightening the joints! It's a 5-piece "*ION" or whatever.

The Execrator 2009-12-02 15:34

Electronic kits have their uses i'm sure, but I personally think that they are for complete bitches. If you're serious about wanting to play drums, buy an acoustic set or just play on your own if you already have one. Do you want an electronic set because of sound restrictions? Throw some pads on an acoustic kit. If you take drumming seriously, plan on eventually gigging as a drummer, want a kit with a real "feel", and/or want other drummers to take you seriously, get an acoustic kit; you will thank yourself one day.

I don't see the attraction about hitting a bunch of rubber pads and disks with sticks. For practice it can be ok, but i'd just buy a practice pad kit for much less the cost. Kits with mesh heads can be fun to play on, but they have a very unrealistic feel. The snare may, but toms don't have that much rebound.

I know this isn't the answer you were looking for, and I may offend electronic drummers, but i'd just rather have you on the acoustic side is all.

Dystopia 2009-12-03 01:04

All good man. Yes, sound restrictions would be the MAIN reason I want an electric kid, also, the volume CONTROL (so maybe I want it loud once in a while). I like both acoustic and electric, I basically have 2 acoustics sets that I can never play because my step dad works graveyard and sleeps all day, causing me to only DESIRE playing drums... in silence.

My acoustic aint bad, its just I dont work well with pads. The bass drum is still out of control loud, or the bass drum pad never sits there. An electric kit is just easier for recording and customizing (depending on how good it is) and hell, I may even try out a couple smaller local gigs w/ an E. kit if I get a nice one. The sound may be digital, but my realistic shitty cheap acoustic drums (I have beginner "Enforcer" set and a set of yellow Pearl Exports some guy gave to me for free.... they were sitting in his garage till cobwebs spread on them.)

Yeah, it may not be exactly the same, or have the exact same sound / feel, but playing some of those sets a few of em I actually like the sound and feel.

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