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fatdanny 2009-09-15 03:22

Ulver play in London
For anyone who's into this, Ulver are playing at the Southbank Centre on 9th Oct. First time in the UK to my knowledge... Still a handful of tickets left.

Dyldo 2009-09-15 17:12

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah GOD DAMMIT AAAAHH! I'm praying they'll come to the states. I was planing on flying over to Norway while I was in Iceland for their second show but I didn't have enough money.

It is there first time in the UK and their second time anywhere outside of Norway (they played in Czech Republic recently, I believe). They played their very first show in 15 years a few months ago.

The Execrator 2009-09-16 13:04

That's insane, i've been seeing their live pictures put up on Myspace recently. I'd love to see them if they ever came to the states but i bet that wont be for a long while. I'm sure it'll happen eventually if the shows are going well though. Enjoy the show danny, let us know how it goes!

Dyldo 2009-10-12 13:35


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