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Torture Killer 2003-03-02 13:33

3 Favorite Guitars
I was wondering what your 3 favorite guitars are. If you have more than three....what the heck put em all down. They dont have to be ones you own. Mine are,
Ibanez RG7421XL
LTD F-200
B.C. Rich Warlock
B.C. Rich Kerry King Signature Jr. V
Some Jackson guitar....its a seven string and a flying V

daggerfall 2003-03-02 14:17

I like Fender Stratocaster:D
Mabe a litle old fashion, but it's a good allround guitar. And it does not have the
nu-metal look as the standard ibanez has:beer:
I got one myself:drunk:

dai saunders 2003-03-02 14:52

i hate fenders dam it

my 3 fav r

b.c rich mockingbird
any ibanez (cant think of one now)

mrweijia 2003-03-02 15:30

jackson slsmg
gibson iommi sig sg
bc rich virgin

artofnothing6 2003-03-02 15:39

1 Attachment(s)
LTD H302
Jackson KV2 King V
Jackson DX10D Dinky
Basicly any of james hetfield's explorers, especially the ken lawrence mahogany body with the kickass headstock

dai saunders 2003-03-02 15:41

i agree with weijia the virgin is nice but i prefer the mockingbird and the ignitor

metal=life 2003-03-02 15:45

Jackson Soloist 1 with an EMG 81 on the bridge
B.C. Rich Warlock American Handcrafted with EMG's
Taylor acoustics with Sunrise pickups

666petthylord666 2006-12-03 19:11

bc rich kerry king signature junior v.
bc rich bronze warlock

Pr0az 2006-12-03 19:17

Gt - never actually played this guitar but i did get to play a guitar that is extemely close to it and it fucking rocked. The fucking paint job on this beauty is awesome

Ibanez - I like alot of stuff ibanez puts out.

Gibson - Cant think of the exact brand but it looks just like the GT except for the pain job.

Casketcrusher 2006-12-03 19:45

Well my favourite would probably be a custom guitar that I haven't designed yet.

But here is my list so far

1.) Ibanez Jem
2.) B.C. Rich Stealth
3.) Doyle's Misfits Guitar

Runners Up:
B.C. Rich Ironbird
Jackson KV2
B.C. Rich Warlock
B.C. Rich Mockingbird
Ibanez RG
Jackson Rhoads
Gibson SG With Kahler
B.C. Rich Beast
Dean V

Sycophant 2006-12-03 20:07

#1 : Jackson Kelly KE2
#2 : B.C. Rich Ironbird
#3 : 1971 Fender Custom Telecaster w/ single coil in bridge, humbucker in neck

#4: PRS Custom w/ green flamed maple top [gotta have the Floyd Rose though]
#5: almost any brilliant sounding acoustic... mainly thinking of the giant-bodied Gibson J-200s here
#6: Fernandes Monterey [Gibson Les Paul type guitar with sharper body shape, Floyd-Rose and Sustainer-equipped.]

davie_gravy 2006-12-04 10:34

1) Gibson Les Paul Supreme!
2) Ibanez RG Series (with the low profile Wizard neck, and orig. Edge trem)
3) A good ol' Fender Stratocaster

Soeru 2006-12-04 20:03

1)My BC Rich NJ Ironbird with OFR and active EMGs, love it to death. And the rare blue and red quilt top finishes it also comes in. I'd kill for one.

2)My dream axe = custom shop BCR Ironbird with grey quilt top, alder body, ebony board, MOP diamond inlays, bindng, Original floyd rose, black hardware, Custom Dimarzios, alder body and BOLT ON 24 fret XJ 25.5 scale neck(yes, I prefer it over neckthru).

I don't care for Ran much anymore because it's gonna be so expensive by the time I decide to go for a custom that I'd just rather get a REALDEAL BCR Ironbird.

3)My Ibanez Universe UV7BK. :love:

4)Dean Cadillac Black Gold or Tiger Eye finish. Cause I don't like LP's. :p

5)A BCR Mockingbird Classic. For less metal stuff. :)

Yeah I'm not much of a Fender duder, I gotta have humbuckers even for non metal shit.

the_bleeding 2006-12-04 20:08

1. My eastwood ultra GP --> everything i could ask for, plays like a les paul with a faster neck and higher output... all i have to do is repot it to 500k pots (it has 250k) and it will sing like it should.

2. Schecter Tempest Custom --> again, like a les paul, but prettier, and coil tap installed as standard, pure awesomeness

3. BCR Mockingbird custom/special --> any mockingbird with a carve top, fixed bridge and a lespaul style switch... preferably with coil taps.

eyehatepop 2006-12-09 14:19

1. Ibanez SA160
2. B.C. Rich KKV Signature Series
3. Ibanez Prestige Series (I don't know the model but my friend has it and it feels like buttah)

moe_blunts 2006-12-09 14:45

^ i see you're from Laredo. that city sucks.......cept for the bbq.

jackson soloist

rapeandruin 2006-12-10 03:35

in terms of shapes...
explorer shape
superstrat (soloist) shape
warrior (just cuz the explorer shape is so comfortable)

Kramer Imperial (wish mine had a floyd though)
Washburn A-15
Jackson Stealth EX (i've lost my faith in mine...mostly cuz of the overly flexible strings)

Soeru 2006-12-10 07:16

Why don't you buy urself a floyd Imperial? They're cheap and easy to find.

I had an Imperial too, great cheap gtr, but I sold it cuz I needed $ for a recording thinger, plus I didn't like the matte finish.

MoonRaven 2006-12-10 08:43

1 - PRS custom 24, stock, whale blue quilted maple top
2 - fender telecaster, rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets, jb/jazz p/u combo, swamp ash body
3 - my alvarez yairi, 1984, ill post pics when i can get them, love this guitar.

mctriple 2006-12-11 01:29

From what I've played:
1) Ibanez RG570 (just bc i've had it for years and it fits like a glove to me)
2) RG3120.. damn i wish i could find one!
3) Any of several Jems

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