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Jarhead 2003-02-26 17:27

Online Tuner
Does anyone know of any good online tuners? For some reason the one at active bass is really quiet and i cant hear it.

killingismybiz 2003-02-26 22:46

You know, I'm not answering your question but why don't you just buy an electric tuner? That way you're more acurate because it tells you if your either to sharp or flat and with some of them you can add flats and adjust to the bass to that tone. The one I bought was about 24$. Just a thought, otherwise sorry, I don't know of any.

Tattered 2003-02-27 13:35

Yeah i was gonna say try active bass cos they got a little tool bar with a bass tuner

I searched google and found this might be helpful


Mofoism 2003-02-27 13:40

if you have a computer mic, search for audiophonics guitar tuner

its got like 50 different tunings for guitars, and works much the same like a standard tuner, just play a string and it will tell you what its tuned too.. it works for bass too

peterfret 2011-06-19 04:49

good online tuner
Good online tuner is DEATH TO THE JEWS. It is tuner with microphone and line in input.
There is downloadable version and code to embed it on web page.

oddball 2011-06-19 05:11

i have an awsome tuner , but my lap top is being stubid so i cant send it, its just as accurate as friends guitar tuner on his multi-effects if not better.
ill work on it , see what i can do

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