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xDarkestHourx 2003-02-15 12:31

4 new ditties
Here's just some more random shite from me, if you get it, you get it, if not, then you don't. Whatever.

The Loveliness Of An Irregular Pentagonal Shape

Destitute through fire
Scattered remnants of a once prideful goup
Their pieces tossed throughout the yard

Sand dunes in the month of June
Miserable haitation breeding a miserable population

Shooting Stars
Or are they tracers from a mounted machine gun?

When the world can cut the weight of greed off its neck, maybe we won't have to ask that question

Stuck Knobs That Turn Doors Into Walls

Articulated soft cells
Prison guards manning their watch
Scattered bits of incarcerated man in the balcony
A slave in denial is a slave nonetheless

Forced labor by vocation
In a camp of concentration
I'm no one's puppet
Not your toy

Free Mind
Free Heart
Free for 3.9 seconds when we're 19 years in the hole

cos(A) = b/c (Here's Lookin' At You, Trig)

Like 7 pointed stars
In constellations on the black
Mapping a course in the sheet of night
For some reason knowing we're insignificant takes a massive load off my chest

The Candyman Can...(molest your children)

Setting the rustic gears into motion
A revolving door set of tetanus shot applicants
A population enslaved by consumerist lust

They tell you who to like
They tell you what to like
They tell you why you like it

Tick, Tock
Times running down, slowly down
At least you've got that $16,000 Rolex to hold on to at night


Def 2003-02-15 14:58

w00t :)

again, some cool stuff,

Stuck Knobs That Turn Doors Into Walls and The Candyman Can... are pretty neat, the rest I don't really get, but my first language isn't english.
I love the feeling in all those pieces, but some seem a bit to abstract for me, however, those two I mentioned are really neat, you could use it to create some really kickass hardcore stuff

good going, once again :)

I'll be posting my new stuff next week, keep an eye out

xDarkestHourx 2003-02-15 16:01

heh, as always, thank you for the reply. You were saying some were a bit abstract, and then tends to happen to my music a lot. Sometimes when I write my lyrics I'll just have been thinking about something for a while and then just start writing stuff down that doesn't always make a whole lot of sense. I really would like to put this to some hardcore/grind but I can't find anyone around here to make a complete band to play it with me. I'm thinkin that I might have to learn how to play the drums just so I can do a one man band type thing to satisfy my need to make some new music. I'm gonna be eagerly awaiting your new stuff Def.


Def 2003-02-15 18:14


I think your abstractness is good, it makes your stuff way more interesting and it's food for the brain, but that's how I look at it.

most people probably don't get the message, but I think the abstractness is the key to the style you're writing in, I'm kind of in the same style, well I tend to be sometimes. it takes the reader some effort to read the writers mind, which is in my eyes, an ingenious entrapment.

shame you can't get a band together, it could be really kickass, most of your stuff is interesting enough to read over and over again, ok, I need to read it for a while to get the message, but it never seems to bore me.

Keep it coming :)

L,B'XXX 2003-02-18 08:21

"Shooting Stars
Or are they tracers from a mounted machine gun?

When the world can cut the weight of greed off its neck, maybe we won't have to ask that question"

"Stuck" and "cos(A)" were excellent ,but I didn't really like the last one.
Your titles are fascinating. And I can go for some abstractness, but I hope you won't be offended if I occasionally ask for an explanation. I think that can be important when metaphorical imagery is used. And it's also like knowing a secret. :) That's cool.

xDarkestHourx 2003-02-19 19:10

hey, thanks L,B' XXX. Also, I'll never be offended if I need to explain something. Sometimes I finish writing them and go "now, what the hell did I mean by that line". And another thing, you were talkin about my song titles, and in all honesty I write those before I even write the lyrics. I just think up some weird/interesting nonsensical long title and then I just start writing random lyrics about a subject off the top of my head. Also, welcome to the boards cuz I've only seen you around recently.


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