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Tattered 2003-02-05 13:53

Tanglewood Rebel 5k
Wahoo! i just got a new tanglewood bass 5 string!! its great

It sounds really nice, got it for 170 quid from my bass teacher, i might need to lower the strings though, because there a bit high from the fretboard like half an inch raised, but its cool anyway, ill be getting pictures of it when my camera film comes through along with my vintage V905 pictures

Keep Slappin, Tappin and however you play your bass

Bill. :beer:

MetalPoldi 2003-02-05 17:24

Great job. What i read about them sounds good. And that for a good price. :beer:
Seems like i'm the only one who has just a 4-string now.

se7enth joker 2003-02-05 18:48

wow yeah, i heard those were pretty nice too, if the strings are to high for you, just find an alan key and lower the action.

heh, dont worry MetalPoldi, I still got a 4 string to :p

well, grats bill, hope you like it, just figured i'd throw my comment in



Tattered 2003-02-07 14:45

Cheers for the tip, i just need to find a correct sized allan key, pics will be up soon


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