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slayme_returns 2003-02-01 12:56

RTT # 16: The Lasting Dose
I'm leavin for the weekend, and the other thread was close enough to 300 so here ya go.

Behave everyone.

mrweijia 2003-02-01 13:25

did you see the shuttle?

Lord Malphas 2003-02-01 13:35


powersofterror 2003-02-01 13:38

second time that's hppened, damnit.

Def 2003-02-01 13:48

yeah, what happend? something with the heat or something?

The Doctor 2003-02-01 14:09

i heard that the heatshield didn't resisted the ozonlayer.

It's pretty fucked up.

Def 2003-02-01 14:30

it was like the 28th time it went into space, so I doubt its just the heat shield, isn't it weird for it to malfunction when it worked fine all those years before?

I dunno, but it was something with the heat though, it happend when they where entering the ozonlayer (well the warm part 'dampkring') I dunno, it's fucked up, I wouldn't want to be responsible for the life of 7 people...

mrweijia 2003-02-01 14:57

well when a shuttle comes in, it has to enter at a specific angle, otherwise certain parts get heated up too much, if its off by a little bit, which i think it was, it could possibly over heat the computer systems, and so the shuttle would lose contact.

slayme_returns 2003-02-01 15:06

Yes I saw it, weijia.

I'll wait until they complete their investigation and refrain from speculating as I know dick about space shuttles.

I saw the Challenger explode in school when I was 8 years old. Never thought I'd see something like it again.

Tattered 2003-02-01 15:14

yeah its pretty sad, bits landed in texas on peoples farm and shit..sketchy

killingismybiz 2003-02-01 18:25

On Entertainment tonight...
Nu Metal Guide
101 Rules of Black Metal

MSN's homepage has a few articles on the shuttle incase any of you want to know more about it. (2/1-03)

Dyldo 2003-02-01 21:57

Actually the pecies are scatered over 5 states, it is sad though. Arnt we planning another trip to mars around 2005?

atifman 2003-02-02 02:44

one of them was brown........:(

Def 2003-02-02 06:12

Originally posted by atifman
one of them was brown........:(

awww atif :(

The Doctor 2003-02-02 09:30

and 2 females, thats asking for trouble ;)

memnoch 2003-02-02 10:55

I'm surprised no one's mentionned this yet, but that shuttle carried the first ever Israeli astronaught to go into space......and it blew up.....just like the first women in space's shuttle blew up in '86......hmmmm....

Anyways, shit happens......can't do much else except move on.

I don't see why everyone makes a big deal out of it. "Oh no, 7 people died.....we need a day of silence and grief to mourn these brave heroes". Brave heroes??! They didn't save the fucking world from it's end, they haven't stopped Bin Laden.....they're just doing their fucking job....get over it.

I don't see anyone going ape shit mourning when hundreds of people die in the middle east from crazy bombings, or when poor children die everday because they can't eat while we sit here munching down our 5$ hamburger which we don't even finish, but leave lying on the top of the mound of unfinished food coming out of our little white bin in the kitchen, something we call garbage which would in reality do wonders for the hundreds of thousands starving for just a little crum of food.

But then again...who cares right? We aren't african.....:angry:

The Doctor 2003-02-02 10:56

you should be replacing Bush :D

Gigantic Penis 2003-02-02 11:11

I would say for sure, WITHOUT A DOUBT, Bush would not get re-elected. However, if Joe Lieberman is his opponent, then he can win.

Bush or Lieberman? You just can't win by voting. Lesser of two evils really.........

memnoch 2003-02-02 11:31

Originally posted by The Doctor
you should be replacing Bush :D

Haha, that'd be great. Canadian President of the United States. BOW DOWN WALLY!!!!:p

Piper5150 2003-02-02 12:15

some people also found a torso and skull from the astronaunts.....

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