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sprint 2003-01-16 15:31

body building gym vs wrists` precision
Today while I was lifting a weight using my bicepses
I came to a conclusion that I cannot further increase
its weight (and make my arms grow bigger) because of a pain
in my wrists / that is without strengthening them.

BUT it seems to me that strengthening them will make
them stiff and cause their moves to be imprecise,
which is harmful to guitar skills...

Has anyone had this problem before and managed to cope with it?

walpurgis 2003-01-16 15:40

Well, if you do some wrist building weight exercises, and keep playing guitar and moving your wrist in the fluid motions, it shouldn't be a problem, but that also depends on how much you want to build your wrists, because too much muscle anywhere will hinder movement...

mrweijia 2003-01-16 22:29

well if you play alot of tremolo picked stuff, your wrist will become stronger. but i dont see how bulding up you're biceps will affect your wrists since you usually keep your wrists straight

artofnothing6 2003-01-16 23:39

yeah, i get that same feeling, with the arm curls using the weight bar and shit. My dad said it was because ihave to much on it, but im pretty sure thats not it. It hasn't happened to me recently, i've been stretching out my wrists by pulling the hand back and forth. Try that.

sprint 2003-01-17 12:10

I`ll try, thanks a lot.

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