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memnoch 2003-01-15 18:44

Back with a vengeance.........
Yeah, the title basically says it all.

I've returned..........fuck off to anyone who ain't happy about it!:D

mrweijia 2003-01-15 18:59

welcome back memnich, are you here for good? or is this a temporary thing?

far_beyond_sane 2003-01-15 19:07

Wwwwweeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllll, off the job and back in action... The Canadian one returns and the whole forum smells of wet moose... I've half a mind to go back on holidays... ARSE!



memnoch 2003-01-15 19:21

Yeah i'm back for good.:cool:

Piper5150 2003-01-15 19:42

sweet good to hear from ya:beer:

slayme_returns 2003-01-15 19:51


Good to have you back, mem. Maybe you can breathe some life into this place.

memnoch 2003-01-15 20:21

Hehe, thanks slayme.

Who the hell is piper? I don't remember you being here when i left.

One thing that is new with me (aside from a lot of other things) is a new guitar!!!

Yeah, i bought an Epiphone LP 100 Gothic!!! It's sweeeeeeeet!!! Has a nice "XII" on the 12th fret (XII is 12 in roman numerals for the idiots) and no other inlays.....and a sweet looking cross in a circle on the headstock. I'm quite satisfied.......plays really nice too, it's got the nice satin black finish.

slayme_returns 2003-01-15 20:41

Piper's a newbie, but he registered around when you were leaving.

Piper5150 2003-01-15 21:12

sry just trying to be nice

slayme_returns 2003-01-15 21:29

Would it kill some of you to type the "or" inbetween "sry"? Is it really that tough to type out an entire 5 letter word? You had nothing to apologize before, but now I want you to apologize to the english language for altering spelling of it's words without it's expressed written consent.

So mem, what the fuck man? Give us the skinny on what Immolations lost member has been up to!

Father Death 2003-01-15 21:39

ahhh, so He returns...

memnoch 2003-01-15 22:13

Nice to meet ya Piper....and i agree with slayme, apologize to the English language.

Anyways.....i moved in with my gf temporarily, while i worked and saved up some cash. I found an appartment about a month later and moved in on December 1st. My good friend Father Death was kind enough to lend a helping hand in the move on his birthday, so i am forever in his debt......well, maybe until i buy him a round of drinks at the bar.

Anyways.......i had problems with the phone company........took them 2 weeks to get my phone line working......i got cable soon afterwards......and the internet today. Input copious amounts of reading, video games, sex, and some alcohol here and there and you pretty much got the rest of my past 2 1/2 months filled out.:D

I gots me a new guitar (i think i said that already).....some new cds, most important being "Unholy Cult"......uh, i've eaten lots of microwaved stuff......i think i actually cooked meals on my stove 5 times in about 50 days or's all microwave and minute soups for me!:sickface:

Yeah.....expect to hear my daily rants in the main forums which everyone so loved in the days past......i'll probably be starting up some nice little fights in no time. Oh i can hardly wait!:smash:

slayme_returns 2003-01-15 22:30

Good to have you back man, damn good.

mrweijia 2003-01-15 22:49

Originally posted by memnoch
i'll probably be starting up some nice little fights in no time. Oh i can hardly wait!:smash:

black metal wars?

slayme_returns 2003-01-15 23:25

Let the record show that weijia said it first.

Dyldo 2003-01-16 01:43

Yay memnoch! What kind of pick-ups on that gibson?

Def 2003-01-16 07:38

Welcome back dude :beer:

PantericA 2003-01-16 12:25

Originally posted by Darko
Yay memnoch! What kind of pick-ups on that gibson?

i think he said it was a Epiphone :cool:

MetalPoldi 2003-01-16 12:26

Woooooo!!! :D Great you're back!!!:beer:
Nice to hear good news from you, except for the food, but you'll survive it. :D

I agree with f_b_s. Bring back the life. You won't have to read many important or creative threads.

DELETE79 2003-01-16 13:12



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