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Katham 2003-01-12 12:02

Disappointment Of The Eye (crustish/grindish song)
What do you get from life?
What do you see of the lies?
Are you happy with your rights?
When clearness is the disappointment of the eye?

First they told us, there'll be a heaven.
But we expected less.
Slavery was the game,
And nothing will be the same.

When we were at the point,
And begged a new election,
We payed for once and all
The inquisition's attention.

First came the mental terror,
Then the silent death echoed
Through the busy streets of life,
So hellish and hard. The scars remind.

Why? Why? Why?
Blinded bloody eye...

Fallen in love - took our heart.
Made friendship - took our beer.
Made money - took our belongings.
Gone to bed - even took our dreams.

powersofterror 2003-01-12 18:31

i don't see a point in the last verse. it seems good ending with the:
Blinded bloody eye...

Katham 2003-01-19 08:07

The point is the society is taking away everything from you.

Thanks for the opinion, mate! :D:)

Def 2003-01-19 09:26

neat stuff, but I like the other one better, however I do like the message a lot.

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