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Piri Reis 2009-07-04 19:02

Epo(h Crysis (Melodic Death Metal with many influences)
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Hello, metaltabs ! We MDM band from Russia. Please, listened our song(while in gtp)))
any crit positive or negative is welcome :angel:

Innards-Decay 2009-07-11 07:12

Firstly, this is fine example of a first post, not completely useless and actually asking for some feedback.

Second, my thoughts on the song. Interesting composition to say the least, although the almagation of riffs that you guys have constructed make it kind of sound random and without a focused idea behind the song. My favorite section of the song would be 105-120, interesting melodic line. The opening riff sounds very out of time to me, but I am assuming that it's supposed to sound that way. Being more into grindcore and brutal death metal, I probably wouldn't buy this, but I always like hearing what other people are writing. Keep doing what your doing, plenty of people on here might enjoy this sort of metal.

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