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7-string warlord 2009-07-02 20:25

Anyone here know a lot about tonepros bridges???
Ok, I want to get all that badass sustain from a tonepros setup. Do i just need to replace the tailpiece with a tonepros tailpiece or do I need the bridge too? The bridge itself isn't special is it?...I don't think it locks or anything. I'll get more into detail if needed.


Gomli 2009-07-03 03:09

Do you know which one you want to buy?
Tonepro got a few bridge and tailpiece models

7-string warlord 2009-07-03 12:45


Gomli 2009-07-04 04:04

I don`t think you must buy both.
The Tailpiece holds the strings and so it`s very important for the sustain of a guitar. TuneOMatic is famous for products that don`t "swallow" the sustain of your guitar , specifically of your strings.

7-string warlord 2009-07-04 14:39

cool, that's what I was thinking. I may end up getting the other piece later but we'll see.

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