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pluplik 2009-07-01 13:11

problems with Ehh and Ahh..
I'd like to ask a question about my vocal singing.
I'm high baritone. And when I'm singing the word "Ahh" I can get to A sharp and even B.
But when I'm singing different words like "Ehh" I can't get to F or F#.. Really hard.
Is there a tips to get into this in every vowels?
Thank you so much!

Amadeus 2009-07-01 16:30

I usually train vowels in these series:
A - O - U -
E - I - Y - -
Don't mind the Swedish letters unless you know them.
Now, one important thing is how you form vowels, you should be able to say each of the clearly without changing the set of your jaws. If you want, I can expand a bit on the fascinating field of jaw positioning. Basically, for practice, look like a gold fish that forgot to close its mouth and say every vowel in a series. Also, take some time to find out exactly how it feels when it feels right and try to find that feeling when doing the harder ones. E, I and Y are the most difficult ones, because they tend to fall back into your mouth and so you lose your klang on them.

pluplik 2009-07-05 13:40

thank you!
I'll try that out.
Doin' my best!


janice77 2009-07-09 06:28

Don't give up ... you must to practice more until you can get it...

You can try to use head vocal or chest to sing that...

Besides that, you also can get 15-30 minutes for exercise everyday ... this can help you to improve your vocal too...

Hope you can get your singing like 'Ehh....'... Good Luck...

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