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chancellor_jpj 2009-06-26 17:38

slapping da bass
hey guys i just learned to slap bass and i seem to have a problem slapping only one string also i cant hit the g string that well am i doing something wrong? :confused:

chancellor_jpj 2009-06-26 17:39

i ment when i slap A also slap E

Def 2009-06-27 04:02

You need to practise your technique, after a while your slapping becomes more accurate and you'll be able to hit one string at a time ;)

The G string is more difficult to slap, it's the thinnest so it makes the thinnest sound as well when you slap it. You can slap it, but when I play slap bass I usually pop the G string instead of slapping it.

Just keep practising, it just takes a while to master.

Tattered 2009-11-10 17:35

Its all in the left hand to getting the accurate sound, even if you are slapping other strings when you are trying to just slap can be solved by using your left hand to mute the unwanted strings..

sixsicsix 2010-08-29 01:13

Your mistakes are probably coming from a poor right hand technique. Here are some things you can do to work towards a better overall sound quality and versatility. ( and I think it looks cool too ;) )
1. Keep your thumb extended directly out(like an extension of your forearm)
2. Keep your middle and index fingers near the next two strings, ready to Pop them up when you need to.
3. Make sure that when slapping you are over the end of the fretboard, this will give you the deepest, growliest sound.
4. When slapping with your thumb, try to restrict your movement while still keeping your notes deliberate and clean. Most new players will tend to bounce their hand around all over the place.
5. Use a down and inward motion with your thumb, what I mean by this is that you shouldn't recoil clean away from the string. You want your thumb to push through your string and land for a split second on the fretboard. This will give you a bumpin' thump.
6. Stay loose and relaxed. You'll never develop what they call "pocket" if you stay tense and get yourself stuck.
7. Watch videos of the greats (mark king, les claypool, victor wooten, etc.) NOT FIELDY OR FLEA. Immitation is one of the biggest things I have found to help myself grow as a musician.
8. Most important of all is the most basic rule of anything you will EVER do. Practice makes perfect.


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