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Ghostface Killah 2009-06-13 02:09

I need some help...
I have never sang before and have been trying to sing like Phil Anselmo from Pantera lately, and I just can not do it. I try to sing from my diaphram and every time i try to sing my throat hurts or i get light headed. What can I do to sing in this style? Both his more growling yelling and clean vocals like Cemetary Gates. Thanks!!!!

Wolfsherz 2009-06-13 06:12


No seriously, if no one answers your thread, PM "CompelledtoLacerate", apparently he's quite the knowitall considering vocals.

L,B'XXX 2009-06-13 11:17

If you're getting light headed you might just need to get used to inhaling for singing. If you're getting that way particularly when you're growling or screaming then it's probably due to unnatural stress on your body and it's kicking your ass. lol Take it slow and work up to it.

I'm female, not that it matters, but when I started flute even though I'd sung for years the air intake would make me light headed. It will go away eventually if it's just from the newness.
Good luck, too!

Amadeus 2009-06-18 12:21

As always, learn to walk before you try to fly the space shuttle. The basics in doing vocals are simple mechanics and biology; I talk a little about what I have learned in this thread

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