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Soeru 2009-05-07 07:39

Digitech GSP1101.
Hey everyone, it's been a while.

Has anyone tried the digitech GSP1101 pre/fx processor? I keep hearing these things top the high end line 6 modelers like the X3 pro tone-wise(x3 has more features though, but hell I don't need mic pre's :p), and that it even sounds good in a band situation(ie: has good mids and a flexible EQ) unlike most digital modelers.

I'm selling my loud tube head + cab to get something more suitable for home/easy adaptation in case I get involved in a band(pre+poweramp+1x12 cab). I've been checking out a lot of samples/clips/reviews and I'm very impressed, to the point where I'm considering getting one and using it as my main source of sound + effects through a poweramp, PA, and PC for direct recording. They're a bit more expensive new than the older 2101/2112/2120 rack processors but I've been told that their tone distortion wise is far better.

Anyone here own one?

Some clips:

singtall 2009-07-26 15:07

I am the guy on the left in the video (Ross). i am still impressed by the gsp1101. check out some of my mp3's recorded direct to pc if you want more to drool over. lol. check out the mp3's from user "singtall".

buy one. it's probably the best modeler under the axe-fx.

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