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7-string warlord 2009-03-26 21:09

You guys hate everything
Especially amps that I like...I get flamed hardcore for my Spider III. But I'm ready to move on. I'm still planning on a solid-state (OH NO!!!).

How many of you guys don't hate Madison amps? They have a new Solid State head, and they are practically throwing it at me.

the_bleeding 2009-03-28 12:03

Problem with spiders is they sound like you have a permanent head cold, plugged ears and whatnot. Very un-fun sounding.

And madison aren't great either. Their first run of stuff were direct marshall jcm2000 copies, but with more lights, and shittier components. Upon opening them, you could find duct tape inside of them holding them together. Also, the channel switching system always made a very loud crack sound when you switched, no matter what you did. Most failed within 3 months of use. Of the modders out there, they all offered the general "make it sound better" mods, but none of them could fix the channel crack. Generally dry sterile tone, fizzy high end, channel cracking, and about as sturdy as a house made of toothpicks.

I highly suggest you play multiple amps before you buy the cheapest thing out there. Buying the cheapest thing (like a spider) will never result in you being happy with your tone. I know this, because i bought the cheapest amp i could find once... and it was a spider... and i was horribly disappointed. Now i am MUCH happier with my marshall, that was fairly cheap for a tube head (800$).

Deathmaster213 2009-04-07 13:56

The other guitarist in my old thrash band had a Spider II head and cab ages ago.

I remember watching this video of a set of ours and thinking "actually, his tone isn't that bad", but then the video audio was compressed. I'm fairly sure there was some rose-tinted glasses wearing (or hearing, perhaps) going on there. My 5150 head was cheap compared to many amps, and I love it. I chose my amp on the tone though, not the price. There is the difference.

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