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Ash09 2009-03-23 18:59

Important question..
Hey, i've been having some problems recently, and was curious to know if its related to the way I scream.

I'm currently suffering from tonsillitis/glandular fever, and was wondering if this is due to screaming. Also, should the glands in my throat feel swollen after screaming?

Thanks a lot in advance, would be a great help if some of you could throw me some advice.

If you want a sample of my vocals to judge if i'm doing it right, check them out here

peace x

metalhead220 2009-04-01 12:02

when u scream ur throat should not hurt, burn, sting, etc etc etc during n after screaming. if it does it means ur doing it wrong. u being sick can b from screaming wrong but who knows.

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