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arexzek 2009-03-18 22:27

Trying to sing Malmsteen Songs.. Need comments..
Hi guys, new here.. I just started singing like about 8 months. Need you guys to comments on my singing n any comments will be appreciate... Im more influenced in deep purple, malmsteen, dream theater stuffs.. So here is it bros..

Yngwie Malmsteen - Playing With Fire

Yngwie Malmsteen - Leonardo (Mark Boals)

Mark Boals - Keeper of the Flame

Thanks alot guys! cya take care! :)

drawn&quartered 2009-03-18 23:54

You are very good. I almost have trouble believing it is you, I guess there a few tiny things I notice out of place when you are in the lower register and sometimes the high pitches don't seem in tune or have the right tone quality to them right away.

But still, great job

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