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911 Taxi 2009-02-26 12:08

Well, I finally tamed the triple rectifier!! What a beast! Learning to dial it in took forever. After stripping all pedals except delay and mxr 10 band eq. I fell in love with this thing. My sound is in definitely in there. My question is: does anyone have any tips for someone using the mxr 10 in the loop as far as the sliders go. My age old habit is that I overkill everything. I've almost nailed a Testament type tone, and have found that I'm just trying to fine tune the amps natural flavors w/out making mud.


911 Taxi 2009-02-26 14:29

BTW, Here's what I'm using:

Gibson Les paul USA

Jackson USA SL 2

MXR 10 Band Eq

BOSS delay

Various BOSS Distortion pedals for low level practice

AbortionSmoothie 2009-02-26 18:31

I never liked using eq's in the effects loop because as you lower or raise the volume of the amp, you also lower or raise the signal going into the effect, thereby increasing or decreasing the effect. Also, at too loud of a volume it will sound muddy because pedals are not made to handle line level signal (like rack eq's), they are built for guitar level signals which are much lower. Also, in that amp (and most amps), the effects loop comes right after the eq section of the amp, so you are putting an eq right after an eq. Also IMO amps just sound better when loops aren't used. Anyway, I recommend putting the eq before the amp and try different kinds of mid boosts with it, frowns ya know, then use the eq on the amp to actually set your sound. Its more versatile that way, and is easier to set up.

John Murphy, chief engineer for Carvin Corp., wrote "the pre-clipping frequency equalization and post-clipping EQ are absolutely critical adjustments. Once you have a well-behaved clipper -- even if it's just simple diodes, as in the stomp boxes -- it is the precise combination of pre- and post-clipping EQ that mostly determines how an amp sounds. The 'secret' of the best sounding guitar amps lies in the pre-clipping EQ response curve." -taken from

911 Taxi 2009-02-26 21:41

Thanks, I'll give it a try!

the_bleeding 2009-03-03 12:40

Well. To be technical. The signal going through the loop isnt boosted when you increase the volume because well, lets be honest, the master volume is placed AFTER the loop, and we all know that the recto is a buffered loop to prevent that.

Usually you can set the amount of signal going through the loop, but i'm not sure with the recto. You have an option between -10 and +4. But the best part is the mxr 10 band is able to handle line level signals as well as instrument levels so even if the loop does suck, it doesnt matter.

Now for sliders. Depends on your tone. Best way to get a tight tone is to take the bass out of the preamp (by using a boost up front or something), and putting it back in post-eq. Basiaclly, too much bass up front will soften your attack. So you tighten your attack, and then add bass back in with the EQ after your signal is amplified and you'll have tight crushing palm mutes.

However, it will sound unnatural if you push the sliders past the 6dB point, so keep them under those.

Heres your real problem: the loop on a recto is parallel so the EQ isnt doing its job very well. The loop is letting some of your dry signal past the effect. But thats a VERY easy mod, you just have to remove 1 wire.

911 Taxi 2009-03-03 19:01

Hey Bleeding, How do I do that mod? Which wire?


the_bleeding 2009-03-04 03:54

to tell you that, i'd probably need pics of the inside or know the date and model of the amp.

I was just doing some research and foudn out how inconsistent mesa is with their loops and models, so it could be series or parallel. :)

Carbonized 2011-03-27 06:20

Hi, I know this is an old thread but here it goes...

So, the Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier can be used for Death Metal, right? I know Pat of Cannibal Corpse uses it so it should be good enough.

Dyldo 2011-03-27 08:48

I own a Mesa Dual Rect and its spot-on for DM.. or at least the tone I like for it. The only complaint is that I can't seem to dial in a really "tight" EQ but I'm sure a little EQ pedal can fix that, as Bleeding said.

Carbonized 2011-03-28 05:27

Dyldo: Thanks for the reply! I also found some videos on YouTube about the triple rectifier.

Regarding your problem in finding a tight EQ... Do you start from every knob set at the noon position? What about pickups? What type and which one do you use (or do you use both together)?

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