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hammerfalltabs 2009-02-10 21:54

Hammerfall Power Tab Website

I don't mean to spam or anything, I'm just trying to help fellow power metal/Hammerfall fans.



Paddy 2009-02-10 22:02

Originally Posted by hammerfalltabs
I don't mean to spam or anything
Yet here we are :\

MetalThrashingMad 2009-02-10 22:08

Fair enough. Don't even think about posting this thread again then.

hammerfalltabs 2009-02-11 14:19

No problem.

Chris Rezendes 2009-02-14 10:04

I'll let this stay. The guy obviously had only one reason to sign up here and post, but at least it's on topic. As a special bonus, he even posted it in the right forum.

Exodus666 2009-02-23 04:17

Good initiative, but why do we have to register just to get a tab?

I'll get mine elsewhere, kthxbye. :)

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