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EmperorMalignus 2002-12-12 22:06

Children of bodom - follow the reaper
metallica - disposable heros
pantera - floods
cryptopsy - cold hate warm blood
arch enemy - buring angel
death -voice of the soul
and lot more:)

Dvsthrashmetal2 2002-12-14 18:02

South of heaven by far

Dvsthrashmetal2 2002-12-14 18:04

i like Iced earth an blind gaurdian: Excalibur
and CoB: Every time i die too

TötenKopf 2002-12-14 21:46

Mr. Crowley By Randy Rhoads.

BozoNightmare 2002-12-18 00:16

Here's afew that come to mind:

Cryptopsy : Cold Hate Warm Blood
Slayer : Angel Of Death, Die By The Sword (Live), Mind Control, DittoHead...
Death : Scavenger Of Human Sorrow, Painkiller (Cover Song)
Morbid Angel : Fall From Grace
Obituary : Cause of Death
Pantera: Psycho Holiday, Floods, The Great Southern Trendkill, Shedding Skin...
Carcass: Blind Bleeding The Blind (I think)
Metallica: Of Wolf and Man, Struggle Within, One, And Justice For All,
Creeping Death, Whiplash...

There was one solo I heard on the radio afew years ago which was kickass, but I didn't know what band it was. It was black metal if I remember correctly, not real gothic, the only lyrics I could make out were something like "we are enslaved to hate" or something. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

By the way, does anyone know of live recordings of Angel Of Death other than the Decade of Aggression version?

Tattered 2002-12-18 14:18

best solo ever! --> red hot chili peppers - californication! hee hee!

EmperorMalignus 2002-12-18 14:29

haha:) this one is good

vileangelofdeth 2002-12-18 16:16

Erik Rutan's Solo on "God of the Forsaken" from Morbid Angel's latest album, Gateways to Annihilation. its just fucking insane how technical and melodic it is, especially the little harmony part at the end. Its a shame he left Morbid Angel, But Hate Eternal rips!!:stoned:

Ivanhoe 2002-12-18 18:01

After a bit of consideration I'd have to say Used by Pain of Salvation, that solo is increadable.

kObwEb 2002-12-18 20:45

arch enemy - RaVeNoUs!:vampire:

dai saunders 2002-12-22 12:08

scar tissue by r.h.c.p has cool slide solo but its really short, who cares anyways

powersofterror 2002-12-23 18:37

KALMAH - evil in you
KALMAH - dance of the water
CHILDREN OF BODOM - bodom after midnight

mrweijia 2002-12-23 19:49

Originally posted by kObwEb
arch enemy - RaVeNoUs!:vampire:

i need the tab for that!

killingismybiz 2002-12-23 20:08

The 'solos' in the song low rider redone by Exodus. Hehe. I think they fit very well in the song...

Mofoism 2002-12-24 20:17

eruption.. eddie van halen

Sargent D 2002-12-25 23:40

sgt. d's top metal solos
absolutly without a doubt ONE is amoung the elete

the solo on jump in the fire (also metallica) at the end makes me want to light myself on fire.

check out megadeth hanger 18 Dave mustaine & Marty Friedman will not let you down.

Basiclly any metallica, megadeth, or slayer will provide you with an excellent example of metal guitar soloing at its finest.

TheKtuluCall 2002-12-27 12:52

I agree with Metallica-One. That is an awsome solo.

killingismybiz 2002-12-27 20:49

Another interesting solo that I liked was Practice What You Preach by Testament, starting at, I believe, at 2:10.

joblo1978 2003-01-02 09:54

Just about anything from the 3 COB and Sinergy albums, Kalmah, and Carcass is the shit.:flame:

Tattered 2003-01-02 13:29

Originally posted by dai saunders
scar tissue by r.h.c.p has cool slide solo but its really short, who cares anyways

dude rhcp rule:beer:

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