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JesterRace 2008-11-17 14:34

Amon Amarth at the Phoenix, Toronto 15/10/08
For those of you that have been fortunate to see them what are you opinions? I've seen Amon Amarth a bunch of times, and they deliver a great energy filled performance. Johan Hegg is such a beast, he happily chuggs beer from a horn in a matter of seconds. I was in the pit the entire set and came home to more bruises and cuts than I've ever had before! And I got to concerts very often. :P

For those of you who have never seen Amon Amarth live, here's the show they played in Toronto. They played a great set, but I was a bit disappointed they didn't play more from VS. the World, which is my favourite album. The songs from the new album are very nice live, so all and all it was a very enjoyable set.

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