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Thewulf666 2008-11-16 16:55

Swedish death metal bass tone
I just scored some bass equipment and wanna tinker around with learning some old Unleashed / Entombed / Dismember style material. The amp is an Ampeg B2R and my bud kicked me down a Boss bass overdrive pedal. Anyone got any suggestions for tone settings......I'm new to bass so any help is cool.

blitz906 2009-04-05 03:49

Well I'm not exactly sure what tone you're talking about. But if I were you I'd just sit down for a while and play with the settings on the pedal & amp. Experimentation is the key when looking for tones.

cw4119 2009-04-27 12:13

I play a lot of death metal stuff, though not particularly what you play. I use a Boss ME20B bass effects pedal which allows me to have a 4 band EQ instead of the 3 on my regular amp. For the most part, I boost up the bass a lot and the high mids a moderate amount.

I don't know what you have on your amp but since you're new to bass, I'm assuming you have a 3 band eq. I would suggest boosting the bass by a lot, treble by a moderate amount, and mid only slightly. But always mess around with the settings and see what sounds best to you.

Zionist 2009-04-27 16:15

If your looking for a tone that will cut through the mix, turn up your mids; highs and lows and keep the bass and treble in the middle with the bass slightly higher. Thats what works for me.

BlackMetalAkaz 2009-08-03 18:50

Try this,

As far as death metal tone goes, I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me..

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