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Freezer666 2002-12-07 17:00

just found a song by them in my unsorted directory and wow...this is good stuff:)
anyone else heard of 'em? i'll upload the song (Darkest Times) to the not-really-an-ftp if i can re-find the addy :p

Freezer666 2002-12-07 17:10

hm the ftp seems to be down....and im too lazy to put my apache server up, or any kind of server actually =p bleh if anyone wants the song just pm me or something :P

DerMeister 2002-12-07 17:41

I've heard them, and honestly........Children of Bodom 2!

Freezer666 2002-12-07 18:12

hmm havent heard enough to tell, but the song i have is pretty cool:)

sanderinos 2002-12-08 08:16

Originally posted by DerMeister
I've heard them, and honestly........Children of Bodom 2!

I totaly donīt agree with you, Iīve got a lot of norther songs and I like them! But they donīt sound like CoB....

Federico 2002-12-08 10:12

Hey guys... i have the old cd of norther... i must say that they have the screaming voice like alexi.... but they have also very much original elements... they rocks....
you must listen the song : 'last breath' ... it's cool cool cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freezer666 2002-12-08 10:21

yeah ill download some more from them once i get wine compiled(a windows progs emulator for linux, so i can emulate kazaa;p

Federico 2002-12-08 10:28

Do it!! the holy finnish melodic death trio are children of bodom - norther - kalmah!
they roxxxxxxxx

Freezer666 2002-12-08 10:43

btw, any idea what norther tune to? (guitar)...i wanna try playing Darkest Times (but im too lazy to figure it out:p

Federico 2002-12-08 10:47

mm i think ... no... i'm sure!! they use normal tune! ;)
i think i'll tab something of them like last breath! :D but i don't know how to do for the solos... they are too fast for me... darkest time rocks... hey buy their album, can't you?

Freezer666 2002-12-08 10:55

i can barely afford college books, so albums are out of the questions :\

Federico 2002-12-08 11:05

shit! sorry .. where do you live? (what does 'afford' means? ) :p :p
anyway... are you good with guitar? how much have you played?

Freezer666 2002-12-08 11:13

hehe im in quebec:P
and afford means erm...being able to buy
im not really good with guitar for now, but i can play a few things...towards dead end *cough*at 50% speed*cough* :p
started trying some Blind Guardian lately, got Imaginations From The Other Side pretty much ok, except for the last solo(just need a bit more practice)
i should probably pick easier songs lol...all the ones ive tried up to now i havent mastered...stuff like Children of Bodom and Martyr arent too easy to play, so i always end up playing them at half speed with guitarpro3
guess i only need practice(been playing for about 6-7 months or so)

Federico 2002-12-08 11:21

yes... i've been played since ehm... october 2001 so i played for one year... anyway ... you can order cds from internet :D ... no?

Freezer666 2002-12-08 11:26

yeah i can...but for that i need cash, which i dont have

Federico 2002-12-08 11:28

mmm :(
( hey i'm being a supreme metalhead!!!! ) :D
hey , do you use Mirc?

Freezer666 2002-12-08 11:31

yeah im on irc once in a while on #fiend
but no i dont use Mirc :P shitty windows client *shiver*

Federico 2002-12-08 11:41

ok understood... :(
what bands do you like? :rolleyes:
(it's strange to know a person in a forum!! :D )

Freezer666 2002-12-08 11:45

hehehe the usual stuff... children of bodom, ensiferum, kalmah, norther(:P), pan-thy-monium(fucking weird band)...blind guardian, martyr(technical death metal from quebec, they kick ass), and the usual stuff like the sins of thy beloved etc
anything with good guitar is fine by me;)

Federico 2002-12-08 11:49

;) do you like nightwish?

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