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Requiem 2008-11-12 14:14

I just stumbled upon what I might claim my greatest online discovery. 2D Fighter allows you to play all of your favorite Neo Geo arcade games online. This client is still very new so no friendlist has been created but there is already ranking, messaging and many other notable features. I'd go into more detail but I'm in a rush right now.

Installation instructions are easy and setting up your rom path is just as easy. If you have any questions let me know.

Also, is anyone interested in some fights? You can choose the game or we can glide through Metal Slug in co-op!

Paddy 2008-11-12 17:22

I just shot jellied-milk all over the front of my jeans. Cheers for this; bookmarked like a muthafucka.

Dyldo 2008-11-12 18:51

Wow, that is a good find! All metal slugs? Street Fighter Alpha 3? Hell yes. Won't be able to play for awhile but we'll see how well they play.

Chris Rezendes 2008-11-12 19:00

Just to enlighten me, and excuse my ignorance, but how is this better than MAME plus Samurai Showdown/Art of Fighting/King of Fighters/Fatal Fury roms? Do other people get to see your high scores? If so, is that a big thing to most gamers?

Dyldo 2008-11-12 19:41

I think its probably the multiplayer aspect that gives this that extra-special awesomeness here. I'm not a rom guy, so I don't know if you can do that normally or not.

Requiem 2008-11-12 22:08

You can connect to other players through a more tedious and a more tech-savvy exclusive method with roms, however; with the use of 2DF you can connect to any game without having to obtain your partners IP, be it a random opponent or expected friend.

From my few plays I have inferred the following: few players use keyboard and mouse(joysticks and fan-created pads are commonly used, lag is at a minimal and cheating is very uncommon. Being without a joystick pad could damage you but with $50 you can obtain a Xbox 360/PS3 pad and hook it up to your PC. There is also completely customizable pads available for $120+ at arcade in a box. I'm sure you guys would throw down at least $50 for nostalgia and countless hours of lag-free, oldschool game play. I'll be ordering this badboy on Friday.

Anyone interested in some Metal Slug runs? My aim:xxxrequiemixxx and msn:

Hope to see ya on the screen.

moe_blunts 2008-11-12 22:56

what program shoudl i open the file i downloaded with?

Requiem 2008-11-12 23:00

How do I get started?

1. Install .NET Framework 3.5
2. Create an account
3. If using FireFox, Install the FFClickOnce plugin
4. Launch the 2DF FreePlay Client

Which of these steps are you being troubled with?

On step one I just clicked the link and was linked to the Microsoft website, was prompted to a download and began to down and to installing it.

Skipping step three since I don't use FF for 2DF.

Step four, I just clicked the link and ran the APPLICATION FILE. It worked fine with IE but I was having problems with Google Chrome and FF since I didn't get the plug-in. Like the small text on the site said; when using IE don't DL the file just run it.

Be sure to add this to your rom file directory in order to play a majority of the games.

And if you don't already have all the roms here you go.

Requiem 2008-11-19 14:12

Metal Slug anyone?

Gomli 2008-11-20 14:06

Originally Posted by Requiem
Metal Slug anyone?

!!! Greatest game ever created !!!

I LUV the humor in it. Just bought every title from Metal Slug 1 to Metal Slug 6 from Ebay :homer:

(incl.Metal Slug X :) )

Requiem 2008-11-20 14:10

Then play with me?

Gomli 2008-11-21 07:44

Originally Posted by Requiem
Then play with me?

Could be hard because of the time lag between USA and Germany......Only sometimes on PC so....yeah

Requiem 2008-12-01 14:49

Just dl and get it set up and we'll see if there is reasonable time for us to both play.

Chris Rezendes 2008-12-13 01:24

I just beat the computer 44 matches in row with Shang Tsung in MKII. I wish this 2DF site could allow for online MK play. If I had $5 to waste, I'd just go download it for my PS3, but then I'd also have to disconnect my modem from my computer and hook it up to the PS3. Fucking weak. I want to play MKII.

Requiem 2008-12-13 14:46

I think you can play MK online with Kaillera. If you want some competition you can play the PS3 arcade games online(I think) with PSN.

Requiem 2012-11-23 06:51

2df has been down for a couple years. Damdai is a little more laggy but still quality.

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