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MeTaLDrUmFrEaK 2002-12-07 01:54

Death Metal:Band Name?
which name would be better for death metal

ill souls or ill soul

please list any if ya got any ideas

Def 2002-12-07 09:04

those names sound pretty crappy, the first one sounds like a 'punkrawk' band

PST 88 2002-12-07 15:22

Look for this in Bands.

The Doctor 2002-12-08 09:45

i would prefer messenger of doom.

I don't know where that came from, i'm so bored :p

Jarhead 2002-12-08 10:02

call it Wristslash or not

mrweijia 2002-12-08 15:11

Re: Death Metal:Band Name?
Originally posted by MeTaLDrUmFrEaK
which name would be better for death metal

ill souls or ill soul

please list any if ya got any ideas

il souls???? how about terminal spirited disease? no thats gay

kObwEb 2002-12-08 23:33

how bout anti-soul? thats fukn bad ass rite there

slayme_returns 2002-12-08 23:36

Do not put "anti" anywhere near a band name, its fucking cliched and stupid.

I'd have to go with Metallica as a name.


I just checked on the Metallica name and it seems to be taken, try Metallica2.

mrweijia 2002-12-08 23:52

spirited sickness

The Doctor 2002-12-09 11:07

anal disfigurment

xDarkestHourx 2002-12-09 19:45

every death metal band name I've heard in my whole life is really fucking cliche....try something no one would ever's really hard to get something brutal and not sound stupid and cheesy

mrweijia 2002-12-09 20:36

what about "Nile"?

xDarkestHourx 2002-12-09 20:57

Holy hell Weija! We have 1! 1 compared to 34983049384 others...but yes, you did prove me wrong on that one

mrweijia 2002-12-09 21:07

its a start

ChileanMetal 2002-12-09 21:49

its true that many times band repeat a part of the names, at the begining it was ok, it sound realy good, for example, black sabbath, the fathers of metal, but now every fucking band puts black on their name, looking at this side, i think that names that OPETH realy rules

mrweijia 2002-12-09 23:16

i've never herad of another band with black in their name except black label society.

PST 88 2002-12-09 23:28

You know what would be a good name for a death metal band? Cannibal Corpse. Or Morbid Angel. Wait, those are taking, right? Hmm, maybe a combination... try this: Angle Corpse. Damn, that's taken too. Corpsicide. No, dumb. Hmm, hmm, hmm, Morbid Cannibal? Cannibal Angel? Morbid Corpse?

walpurgis 2002-12-09 23:47

How about Morbid Corpse of an Angelic Cannibal?

slayme_returns 2002-12-09 23:48

Holy Monkey, thats fucking brilliant.

PST 88 2002-12-10 00:19

But not brilliant enough to get walpurgis out of the signature.

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