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CtHuLhU DaWn 2002-12-06 17:55

The Berzerker UK tour!
I have my ticket!
Dates are as follows.

December, 2002

Tuesday 10th - Bristol Bierkeller Bristol
Wednesday 11th - The Underworld London
Thursday 12th - Leeds Josephs Well
Friday 13th - Glasgow Strawberry Fields
Saturday 14th - Sheffield Corporation
Sunday 15th - Manchester Roadhouse
Monday 16th - Rock City Nottingham***
***Earache Xmas Party - Invite Only - w/Cult of Luna/Insision/Without Face

Berzerker rule!

Father Death 2002-12-08 23:47

The Berserker UK were the band everyone made fun of on the Immolation US tour...

Dyldo 2002-12-09 02:05

O Dear Lord they fucken suck. I Saw them with immolation and vader. It really really brought the show down. I mean seriously, these guys had a techno beat for there double bass. They should be touring with mushroom head or slipknot or something. They didnt even get a pit started. I was hoping someone would jump on stage and take that guys stupid mask off and beat him to death.

I Hate Berserker. (they ruined a cool name too)

CtHuLhU DaWn 2002-12-09 14:22

I Like Berzerker...
But i will steal a mask...

!!RaGe!! 2003-01-11 16:01

no offence but i think there shit maybe them and slipknot shood go have a gangbang cos either one of them are up each others asses the fucking queers

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