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plastik 2002-12-02 07:27

...some words...
I love you but you should know thatů

My soul is a sea in which too many ships of hope have sunk.
My pain is a stake that has taken too many lives.
My mood is a bomb - explosively changing - which makes me a suicide bomber.
Will you go down with me ?

[- maybe the wrong kind of 'lyrical expression' to post on this particular board, but i fancy knowing what you fellow 'hard-music listeners' think of it...]

mrweijia 2002-12-02 09:49

the first 2 lines sounded "classic" but the last 2?? geez. talk about back to the future. i'm not sure if its the same meaning where you live but "will you go down with me?" in a love song/poem?

plastik 2002-12-09 06:29

well, what DOES it mean then? You got me worrying! :confused: :)

mrweijia 2002-12-09 09:37

see, where i cpme from, "will you go down with me?" is the same as "lets fuck"

Mornyano 2002-12-12 02:40

Yeah! I think that was fucking good. keep up the same way.


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