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Unanything 2008-10-06 09:40

Beginningless, Endless
Beginningless, Endless
I, physical, cosmic agent,
see all interconnected,
I have sought this view for much time,
but it's full extent is unbelievable.
I, physical, cosmic agent,
act to create force,
thus energy travels from the will,
and from the fingertips,
and propagates onwards,
does a wind of influence.
If I can associate fingertip with will,
then surely can I wind and fingertip,
thus I do not end with the fingertip.
I, physical, cosmic agent,
act to exercise compassion,
thus do I propagate forth unto you,
purest logic makes us purest one.
My kind meaning arises,
from my single understanding,
that I do not end in this body,
and that I did not begin here,
a realisation to my great visualisation,
unreasoned, unnecessary.
I, physical, cosmic agent,
have opened the door to infinite power,
infinite liberty,
within infinite emprisonment.

Hey, everyone. First post in about a year, maybe? Except for one that I left a few months ago, I think.

Been quite industrious with lyrics in my absence though.

L,B'XXX 2008-10-06 16:36

Hey, welcome back! A lot of pieces you've written seemed to leave me wondering, but this one didn't seem to do that. It has room to ponder what angle it's coming from, but it's held together enough where the thought flow works well in my head. I liked this quite a lot.

Amadeus 2008-10-07 10:42

In the fifth verse - Sweet ignorance is the key to a poet's paradise? Just seemed to me like a bit of a break in the thought flow, using "single understanding" and so on, as it appears to say that the speakers only understanding is that the body isn't a final limitation. Which of course could encompass quite a lot. Just something I noted.
As a case for discussion - is confinement within an infinite prison a confinement?

I like this piece.

Unanything 2008-10-08 06:43

Well, I agree with both of your opinions: I like it a lot too! It's one of my favourites. I chose it out of loads when I decided to put something on my pen drive to bring to pin up here.

To Amadeus: Well, you'll see in natural philosophy (physics, as it's called nowadays) that a lot of our understandings amalgamate into a single one. So far, we have generalised our understandings into two, and the race is on to unite the final two. Although, even that could be a partial thing in another united wisdom, as we learned in a very profound Math's lecture here at uni' yesterday. The conclusion of the lecture is that it's a never-ending story. Even in studies of infinity, we can come up with that there are infinite infinities, which would actually be consistent with hte absolute definition of infinity: endless in endless ways (and then that in endless ways and so on, so forth). Part of the problem in the uniting thing in Physics is that we are trying to mesh two different infinities together, now that I think about it. Oh, and, well, if you define confinement to be held inescapably within the same thing (collection, four walls, whatever), then, yes, get used to being confined within endlessness now.

LB: In short, there is no specific angle. It is entirely general. My thinking has gotten increasingly mathematical over the past year (I take my degree seriously, possibly spiritually, I am more or less a pantheist now, I beleive Christians limit the power of their God by definition), and well, you could say, I've stopped writing for one angle, say 45 degrees, but for all angles x degrees. Therefore, the philosophy is more profound and applies in infinitely more situations. I guess the structural and dictional improvement comes from appreciation of symmetry and logic. Glad you commented though!

Amadeus 2008-10-08 07:21

Ah well, looking at it with modern physics in mind it makes sense - quite fun to see it put in words like this, as this is one of my great interests too. Not to mention subject of study, I'll get quite a lot of this in the years to come.

Hm, no, I can't consider that being confined, as it still means at least theoretical access to all parts of that which exist. Nonaccess to nonexistence doesn't bother me all that much.

I'm not altogether sure if I'd want to sum the problem up as "combining to infinities". After all, what it does come down to is largely our inability to describe the workings of gravity on a quantum level. Something which I can't help to sometimes feel is a bit of a self contradiction, seeing how gravity in itself doesn't have any influence on bodies of quantum scales...

L,B'XXX 2008-10-08 07:40

Infinite possiblities for each mind to perceive in it's own way. I can relate to that.
As a Christian I personally don't think there's any limits to God and I don't even try to comprehend what He can do because I know it's impossible. There's a lot more to Him than Genesis to Revelations. I just have a humble appreciation that He knows what He's doing more than I ever could.:)

Unanything 2008-10-09 16:19

I a sense it is combining two infinities. Although one is not necessarily infinite. I guess I meant countability and uncountability, if you know what I'm talking about, Amadeus. It looks like we have broken down confinement to a sensation rather than a truth. We live in three dimensions. We are very much stuck in there and we don't complain. In one dimension, I'm sure the point- and line- creatures don't complain. We would. As would the tesseracts if they could realise that we are compressing them into planes like some kind of zoo animal. Especially those ones that like to move about in a fifth dimension of time, strutting their eight cells and twenty-four faces.

Emprisonment was just a logical play, originally meant you can't escape from other things and your connection to them by the logic of the lyrics and also to show that half of the things we think bad aren't so bad.

On the modern physics point though, I don't think it's solely about bringing relativity low to quantum physics. The particle and wave people are both paying for their assumptions (why de Broglie is my favourite of the bunch).

I guess in that sense you are right, LB. I think the same, only the way I hear many Christians talk underdefines It (my girlfriend's a Christian herself). I meant God can't be absolutely infinite (the very greatest thing) without us being Him too.

Blacklep177 2009-03-04 13:36

aye, very true, and you struck and an utmostly beautiful point,

God is infinite,
and we are a part of Him:
1) His creation and creativity
2) His Spirit for he breathed into us life
3) We are His Love, and as He is Love, we are Him
4) We are His perfection through the covering of His blood, in that, through us being purified we are proof of His purity.
5) we are Him in Body, for as a Church we are the Bride, And the Bride is One with the Husband...

and all relating to those there are many other ways in which we are intertwined with God, which is why he made us, It gave Him something to Love, be Loved by, and to become more Complete through... it all boils down to the relationship between God and man, like gravity and falling, one exists only because the first does, but the second is how the mystery of the first is defined.

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