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2002-11-28 11:32

ever considered ibf?
ibf is a sick ass forum creator...vbulletin is gettin older......this ibf forum is a sick format and awesome site is on it...if you wanna see how cool it is check this out

This Is what Ibf Forums Look Like

Def 2002-11-28 14:15

what's so good about that board? it's just a fancy interface but it's almost the same as his board.

IKoN boards are nice though, but hell I think this board is functioning just fine, i've seen other boards with a lot of downtime on their servers and a couple of database errors, this site is never ever offline or down because of a database error...

I made my own board, I'm doing a study in programming and EDI/UIF, so I know my stuff a bit, making a board isn't that difficult but making a board that works fast and is reliable IS difficult.

and, I don't think someone here wants to convert the complete database to the other board because you want another board :D

2002-11-28 15:26

i really like the options

2002-11-28 15:27

also its just a request...a simple sql/ftp would only take up to 30 mins with a cable modem...i dunnno it was just an idea

Gigantic Penis 2002-11-28 16:39

its no big deal really, this forum gets the job done fine. its just basically posting messages. nothing to complex.................

mrweijia 2002-11-28 19:27

so true. we like it sweet and simple

MetalPoldi 2002-11-28 19:49

I like it this way.
In other boards you've got more options but in fact you'll never use them or you've got huge signatures and stuff.
It's fast and it's got all you need.

It's the same with mobile phones. All you need is the possibilty to call someone and sometimes use the SMS. Who needs all those fucking games and stuff.

nomad 2002-11-29 04:56

nothing can beat vbulletin in terms of reliability, security, and the customer support... fancy useless features don't count...

mrweijia 2002-11-29 09:41

well said nomad

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