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Auyard 2008-08-09 12:58

Ibanez V-Blade Complications
So, I have the Ibanez Vbt700 (V-blade) and no matter what it seems what ever string gauge I string it in doesn't correspond with the correct tuning...let me explain further. I have two identical set of (i think) 13-62. One is strung on the V-blade tuned to D standard and the strings are slightly floppy. I like the strings to be really tight. The other set is on another guitar tuned to B and the strings are tight and basically perfect. What could fix the V-blade. It's depressing that I have such thick strings on it to tune to D. Could possibly raising the bridge help fix that or what?

guitar_demon 2008-08-12 17:40

what kind of bridge? have you messed with that to see if something happens? also can you try another vblade to see if its all of them or just yours

7-string warlord 2008-08-12 21:03

That is weird as shit...I never thought a bridge could really affect string tension so much....even if it was a short scale or something....13's in D should never be loose....

I use 11's for D...because I like my strings tight.....weird.

PantericA 2008-08-12 23:31

yea 13's for D is overkill man. you shouldnt need that heavy of strings for D

Auyard 2008-08-13 13:38

Originally Posted by PantericA
yea 13's for D is overkill man. you shouldnt need that heavy of strings for D

Thats the problem.

It's a Gibralter 'custom bridge' or something along the lines of that. I've never seen another V-blade in person so not sure. I just put another new set of strings on it and I would hate to throw them away to mess with the bridge to see if thats the problem but looks like I'm going to have to.

Slabbefusk 2008-08-17 16:11

If your intonation is off it will affect the tension in the strings. So check your intonation!

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