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Paddy 2008-07-29 09:17

Updates: An Idea to Make Life Easier for Mods & Tabbers
I think it'd make things easier for everyone involved in the tab submission process if updates to already-accepted tabs could be made directly by the tabber in real-time, rather than having to create another thread in the pending tabs section which has to be validated. Perhaps a rule of "15 tabs or more" (i.e. for us 1337 users :p) before this option becomes available would help root out dickheads who'd abuse the feature, like those who'd try to sneak in lyrics/tab book plagiarisms or just replace the tab with "BIG WOBBLY COCKNOBS" repeated 700 times. Or perhaps the Pending Tabs mods could grant these permissions to users they deem worthy/respectful enough of the website to be trusted with such awesome power.

You know it makes sense!

<Jedi Mind Trick>Paddy's right</Jedi Mind Trick>

nomad 2008-07-30 20:19

I like the idea! [adding a note to implement it]

Paddy 2008-07-31 11:23

Fuck...nice one! :)

Paddy 2009-01-22 08:48

As a sort of addendum to the first idea I think it'd be handy if tabbers could edit their tabs whilst they reside in the Pending Tabs section. This would eliminate the need for extra threads should the tabber spot a mistake and need to resubmit. Failing that, the original thread could be overwritten or a deletion could be automatically triggered when a tab is submitted for the same song, instrument, tab format and by the same user (basically if it matches the criteria of the original submission). It'd save time (on the part of the mods), webspace and would make the Pending Tabs section less cluttered.

The biggest culprit for resubmitting the most tabs on this forum has to be me haha, which is why I'm suggesting this :p

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