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Hobo_Stew 2008-07-17 23:22

Beginner drumset? Need advice...
I'm a guitarist and a bassist, so I figured I'd try drums next since they were originally going to be my first instrument but due to lack of cash that never happened. I'm looking at beginner drum sets and I'm between these two.

I know the Tama is probably better, but if the Pulse isn't absolute crap I'd be fine with having it.

Also, I am going to learn double bass once I master single bass techniques but I was wondering if I should learn on a double bass pedal or single bass pedal considering that eventually I will be using one a lot. Just something I was thinking about. I think single bass would be best to start out on, but I don't really know. Thanks guys.

The Execrator 2008-09-06 10:27

The Pulse set will work fine. The only concern though is you are surely going to want to replace a Pulse drum set sooner than you would want to replace the Tama set. The better you get, the better the drum set you are going to want to have. The Tama is a bit more up the chain in quality and name.

I would definitely consider playing on a single pedal for the time being. While you're getting used to playing drums, it's a good idea to start out simple and add things as you go. This includes your playing and also your set. Get comfortable with one pedal before you go onto a double pedal.

7-string warlord 2008-09-06 11:47

Dude, the pulse comes with cymbals too!

just in case you didn't notice...I would probably go with that one.

The Execrator 2008-09-06 15:19

Unless you don't have the money, definitely go with a bottom line cymbal class of any name brand cymbal maker over Pulse cymbals. They will last a lot longer, sound a lot better, and look better. Probably even get a decent warranty on them too.

tripton 2008-12-01 18:40

forget the Pulse, buy the Tama.

also, i agree that you should focus first on learning the basics of using a single kick pedal before moving to a double kick. Shit, i remember learning how to do double kicks on one foot was a big challenge for me starting out, but it was a skill that is so fundamental and neccessary. If I had a double kick pedal, i would have just taught myself to cheat by using both feet.

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