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Licky Webster 2008-07-11 09:08

Concrete Facial

Come and dig it. Tell me what you guys think.

racy 2008-07-14 15:46

right i don't normally listen to this sort of metal, but i'd say the vocals need to be a bit louder can't really hear 'em (not sure if that was what you were goin for) but considering you recorded it yourself thats not sounding too bad, what did you record through btw?

Licky Webster 2008-07-17 07:10

A 15W practice amp for the guitars and an old internet mic for vocals...
hehe, had to deal with what i had.

fiery(arm)pits 2008-07-25 21:49

i think that the vocals are too gurgly. i only hear rumbling where he's supposed to be growling. also, what's with the beginning of "amputee orgy" and "crainial chicken sauce"? at the beginning, there is some guy yelling something. death metal (especially not brutal death metal) doesn't usually have openings like that except for one death metal song that i know of called "rise of the tyrant" by arch enemy. but they're melodic death metal, not brutal death metal. but other than that, the instruments are great and powerful. and i'm surprised the guitars are used on a 15 watt amp. i didn't know you could get that tone out of a 15 watt.

HELLBLASTER-666 2008-09-13 08:10

Very nice!The vocals were great methinks,sounded like Wormed a little

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