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L,B'XXX 2008-07-06 19:57

help with title?
Okay, just cuz there's not much going on here presently and it's a light song I was inspired to write on the way home from church today.

I see you every day at 8
While on my drive to work
I wave and smile when you go past
You must think I'm a jerk
The blues you send
Rounding the bend
I'm so sentimental
But I just can't help myself
I'm not as continental

There you go
Go on by
And I cry after you

Oh my darling, do you remember when
I promised love til the very end
Well, now it seems like you're missing something dear
When you go away it becomes very clear
I miss your little caboose

I used to see it when I was a kid
But little did I know
When I'd grow up I'd flip my lid
Because now I don't see you too much anymore
But I keep hoping that you'll be like you were before
I miss your little caboose

Sometimes it was blue, but mostly it was red
And every time I see you
A misty tear I shed
Oh I miss it so much
I miss your little caboose


I do not have a title for it so if you have anything that doesn't make it obvious as to what it's about I'll take ideas. And thanks for reading.

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